Piracy - killed video stores?


oh it must be the piracy, not the plethora of legal streaming/downloading services. Surprised that these Dinosaurs lasted this long in West Ryde. In Melbourne, very few video stores are left


The article quotes the owner as saying piracy played a “even bigger” part, but there’s no mention of quantifying that portion size.

Interesting enough, that media source’s facebook page says it’s mix of technology AND piracy.

Sure, it sucks to see another B&M store closing, but clearly the journo is just trying to grab a headline.

UPDATE: I’ve taken a look at that store’s Facebook page feed. Not one mention of a cry about piracy.
Even the “Humans of Eastwood” Facebook page that published this video, and attracted a few dozen comments, doesn’t say anything about it. It’s almost as if only journalism media “care”.