Pirate Congress 2014 - Voting Ballot - A small problem

I just received two emails (i.e. I am commenting on the “corrected” link version) from iewg@pirateparty.org.au and am concerned that the information link just following section title “Policy Motions” currently points to Formal Motions (which is empty.)

Am I right in assuming (until such time as (if/when?) the above linkage is repaired) that Pirate Congress 2014 Minutes (not approved or endorsed) might suffice as a workable reference?

Kindly forget all this. I just read Brendan’s announcement explaining all of the above.

So I’m an idiot… don’t anybody act surprised.

Well, if there was a bad link, it now redirects to the correct place anyway.

As I’ve already voted I cannot check again; but thank you anyway. (I see it was you made the redirect in the wiki anyway!)