PirateChain - the privacy focussed cryptocurrency

(miles_w) #1

I’m posting this here as it concerns a cryptocurrency, but has anyone heard of PirateChain?


I’m not familiar enough with crypto (not a trader or miner) but it looks like it’s pretty secure. I’m wondering if there’s some promotional possibility by doing a collaboration.

(Andrew Downing) #2

It would be really nice if people could donate to PPAU using crypto currency, but there’s a slight dilemma, in that political party donations need to be declared - we have to know the source, but a privacy coin like this is explicitly designed to avoid that.

(miles_w) #3

Well done $ARRR they’ve officially crowdfunded enough BTC to get a listing on Cryptobridge! https://twitter.com/PirateChain/status/1085790535309115392

I’m chatting to a couple of their community organisers about the possibility of a cross promotion. Their community is quite political and heavily pro privacy, so we have some interesting overlap :black_flag: