PirateConf before/after Congress?

Each year our National Congress is a formal affair with usually only just enough time to get through constitutional amendments and policy proposals over the 2 day weekend, so I was thinking, maybe we could make good use of some extra time dedicated for other activities and discussions in the week before or after the National Congress?

What do people think about the idea to hold a small conference/workshop style event around the congress? Where there would be the chance to work on party projects together for a few days, our teams always have loads of work to do:

  • Strategy development
  • Bureau works
  • Social media activities
  • Programmers / apps
  • Workshops / talks

I think a day or two would be of use, but it is hard to know what exactly to organise. I have been thinking of getting us to run a survey along with the next mail-out to get a better feel for what members want us to do going forward. If we do this, it may inform what we wish to discuss and organise.

I agree, an annual start of year member survey of some kind is in order, challenge is always how we do it / what system we use :confused:

For the idea of a PirateConf, I was thinking we would have to find a small space / someone’s house that has the room for a few days, given we’re all rather poor :stuck_out_tongue: And it could probably be just about anywhere, even travelling out to country Vic a little if there’s good space and accomm on offer somewhere.

I like it.

Perhaps the Congress location will aid in finding a workshop (“parley”?) venue.

Even just one day would be good. I’m not sure it needs a lot of structure though. Pirates with different interests (I’d sleep through most of an economics chat) could break off as desired. Having said that, I think this is a pretty good list.