I’m glad to see some competition and willingness to “lend a shoulder” regardless of nominated council position. There will be some who “also ran”: to them my deepest gratitude. Please try again. You keep the rest honest.

Exciting times.


Will you be coming to Congress?

I’m starting to question the legend of old twisty the cow farming Pirate.

Hope this was intended as a congress megathread.

I just read the nominations. It looks like there will be some good energy in the National Committee.

There are currently no nominations for secretary. What happens if nobody nominates at all? Deputy acts until somebody volunteers?

If only one person nominated do they get the position without a vote?

One issue on the Nominations page: Emily’s picture under her nomination for Councillor is Catty McCat’s, instead of the one on her other profiles.

Also @adam yes, you’re right. I remember reading that in the Party Constitution but I can’t seem to find it right now.

electronically. I just ran out of time to travel.

cows …

sure. have at it.

Any position not filled is vacant until someone is voted in, and the responsibilities of the role(s) can be deferred to others until it’s filled. This was common back in the early days, when there was only a couple of Councillors who wore 2 or more hats at the same time.

Correct. If they nominate to fill the role, and there’s no contest, they get it by default.

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