Piratical Politics Memes Facebook Page

One of the ideas that came up in @edeity 's Okay I’m Motivated thread was the Piratical Politics Memes facebook page. I wanted to separate it from that thread because it a massive tangent.

We aren’t going to have enough content generated in Australia to make it worthwhile, so I think it is vital to open up to Pirate Parties around the world. Many of the problems we face are faced by many other parties and we can just cross post / translate anything relevant for our own use. We are a global movement, let’s globalise both the creative work and politics.

If we can generate interest among pirates globally, it will hopefully take on a life of it’s own.

What is everyone else’s thoughts? What do we want to use it for?

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I like this direction. As much as I dislike Facebook with a burning passion, you gotta be where the modern culture is generated; social media. If you think about the modern political movements that successfully upset status quo, they seem to only flourish when a popular social media embraces them. For Alt-right it was 4chan and /r/The_Donald and for Sanders it was /r/SandersForPresident. While I fundamentally disagree with alt-right on policy, they cracked the formula, and we need to learn from their example.

Sure, memes look unprofessional and will prevent us from being taken seriously, but mainstream media and politics already don’t take us seriously. I think it’s a step in the wrong direction to be a political party risen from internet culture that seems to shun internet culture. Maybe, just maybe, we take ourselves just a bit too seriously.