Power equals Power in the PP-AU?

Hey. I wanted to talk about this and ask a bit about PP-AU; take it as a pulse-check.

Personally, I’ve retreated from active pirate parties a few years ago. I retreated as a pirate ideologist , and hope to finally write on a blog some day with a few ideas, documentation & tutorials.

The subject of the title would be to ask

  1. How do you elect your representatives and party leaders?
  2. What departments do you have and what are their roles and power?

Personally, I see the roles of leaders more of responsibility than leading, and hope that leaders are easily replaceable by vote.
Generally a non-hierarchical direct-democratic system would be optimum when it’s about this, so that leaders cannot abuse freely.

It’s all written here: https://pirateparty.org.au/constitution/

Short version: Democracy is cool.

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/me wonders how he missed that

If I don’t have questions once I read that, the post can be closed :stuck_out_tongue:

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@AndrewDowning From what I see you did not establish anything that’s regarding software in the Constitution.

Meaning: You did not make sure the tools you use are full-free like either Free Software or Open Source for enhancing Direct/Participative Democracy
Is there a reason there… or you have something else to interpret the Constitution?

Later Edit: Most relevant to the 6.4 category on Online Voting.