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WARNING - Many edits.

Are we doing it this year?

ps. crap image.
pps. and … wtf with the date?!

ppps. can this be made … shiny? Like, for dumb-fuck farmers like me?!

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(Alex Jago) #2

Congress will happen this year, like every year.

It has to be held starting in July and conventionally it’s over a weekend. We also have a 42 day lead time on the announcement.

42 days from Literally Today is the first Saturday in July, so that one’s out but the other three are still available.

@mandrke has been busy checking out options, and Congress will be the main discussion topic at the NC meeting on Tuesday

(miles_w) #3

I’m suggesting the last weekend of July, as is tradition (because we always start organising it late)

(Alex Jago) #4

Personally I would prefer the second-last weekend, because one of my choirs has a big concert on the evening of the 27th.

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(Bryn Busai) #5

I was wanting it to happen on the weekend of the 20th/21st.