Privacy & Civil Rights defeating legislation about to get through under the radar

Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016

passed Senate, now before House of Reps

Legislation here:;db=LEGISLATION;id=legislation%2Fbills%2Fs1051_first-senate%2F0001;query=Id%3A"legislation%2Fbills%2Fs1051_first-senate%2F0000";rec=0

Section 5 & 6, massive breach of privacy and due process here

The Attorney General gets the power to do whatever he likes (shut down your internet, get your data from your ISP, insert spy devices into your ISP, etc.) without a Court Order.

Right against Self Incrimination has been suspended.

There’s some verbiage in 315B which says that it isn’t meant to be targeted directly at someone, but rather blanket.

This isn’t about cutting off your net access, it’s about making sure the Commonwealth has the power to shut down net access to, say, an entire city.

That actually makes it even worse - these tactics have been used to hamper efforts to organise resistance to government regimes in several countries.

Can’t organise if you can’t connect!

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Sounds like the government can shut down the internet (Or parts thereof) at will… May be reading from a biased point of view.