Queensland Pirates megathread

Next Brisbane meet up: Saturday 21st October, 7PM, Shady Palms Cafe Greenslopes.

Generally, meetups will be on the first Thursday of the month at UQ, and on the second-last Saturday of the month at South Bank.

This is a intended as a general discussion thread for Brisbane people. By not tying it to a specific meet up date, hopefully it will garner more use.

Major topic of interest: raising Pirate visibility, and growing at the local level, in preparation to contest State and Local elections.

Todo list:

  • State & Local issues: both think pieces and policy
  • culture jamming
  • presence at events (rallies, cons, runs, markets)

Our IRC channel is #ppau-qld. You can connect to it via Matrix bridge here, by KiwiIRC here, or in your favourite client by connecting to PirateIRC and /join-ing #ppau-qld.


We’re starting a UQ based discussion group. First meeting is next week and posters are up around campus. Follow @uqpirates on Twitter for more.

(Poster wording carefully frames it as as a discussion group, doesn’t advocate voting any which way, and the PPAU logo doesn’t appear anywhere on the material, so no need for authorisation tags as far as I know. Three Pirate Rule for all of this: Emily, Miles, and myself.)


It’s part of the Pirate Movement, a nonpartisan group of social activists who care about copyright reform and digital liberty :slight_smile:

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2 announcements:

  • Our next meetup is UQ pirates this Thursday, details at https://www.meetup.com/Pirate-Party-Queensland/events/242436373/ (follow for other upcoming events)
  • We are forming an adhoc QLD steering committee to start strategising for state registration. Meetings will be on IRC in the #ppau-qld channel and our first meeting will be tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 9pm after the Policy Committee meeting. Attendance will be open to members, and anyone from Queensland is invited to come along and contribute.
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First strategy meeting was productive. Minutes are at https://pirateparty.org.au/wiki/User:Miles_w/qld_strat


This mass mailing has reached: 294 e-mail address(es)

See you Thursday!

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This Tuesday we’ll be holding our first Online General Meeting for Queensland Pirates at 9.15pm. It’ll be in #ppau-qld on IRC or you can direct join via this Matrix link https://riot.im/app/#/room/#pirateirc_#ppau-qld:diasp.in

We’ll be doing an overview of our activities so far since August as well as what’s planned over the next month. It’s also an opportunity to brainstorm some marketing/exposure ideas and chat with Pirates outside Brisbane.

If we’re lucky our new member drive will be showing us some new faces :slight_smile:

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Damnit, why are these things always on nights I have things on. ^^;;;

The event I’ll be at is meant to finish at 7pm, though I fully expect that to drag over time. Hopefully I’ll get back before you get started.

Minutes from the Tuesday meeting: https://pirateparty.org.au/wiki/User:Miles_w/qld_strat2 thanks for all who attended. Upcoming events:

Remember to follow on Twitter and if you can, RSVP via Meetup

Emergency online meeting tonight to organise action around the planned public transport facial recognition @ 9.15 on IRC #ppau_qld channel, can also be reached via Matrix: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#pirateirc_#ppau-qld:diasp.in


Hey QLD Pirates, any preliminary ideas on where/when to hold the 2018 Annual National Congress?

Well I can tell you right now (if it hasn’t previously been mentioned) that the place we held it in 2014 is almost definitely unavailable; it’s been sold off.

I’ve just realised that my Dad will probably have some good ideas, so I’ll ask him.

As for time - pretty sure it has to be in July. I think we should aim to have it as early as we can; the election could be held as early as August.

Hmm. Maybe we ought to have some provisions as to NC handover during a federal election period?

Would be well worth taking a look at the universities, I think. I believe we have members at both UQ and QUT in academic positions (or at least interested in joining at QUT if they haven’t joined already), and we might be able to get the space available cheaper. Wouldn’t be any problems with internet access being available either.


I’ve been investigating some options as well. No progress yet but I think I’ve found a good site that I’m waiting to hear back from. Otherwise I think QUT would be my preference as it’s a more modern campus and we have more members of the faculty who support us or are members.

We have some interest at QUT! It’s about time too because UQ Pirates this Thursday has been growing steadily. We’ll also be at UQ’s Schonell Pizza cafe this Thursday from 6pm, so hope to see some other young pirates there.


Local meetups are now on hold over the Christmas break, if anyone is interested in attending keep an eye on the mailing list and calendar for the first meeting of 2018 in late Jan/early Feb

Ok folks, we’ve got our first online general meeting at 9pm tonight. I hope to see you all there, where I’ll lay out a schedule of meetings for the next few months as well as some projects for us to work on.

Connect via Matrix bridge here, by KiwiIRC here, or in your favourite client by connecting to PirateIRC and joining #ppau-qld.