Recent toxic drugs at dance party - support for testing

Does ppa have policy on testing of drugs. This recent episode in Melbourne is a.good hook for media release on legalisation.

Not specifically, we have a decriminalise drug use, and legalise, tax and regulate safer drugs policy.

If you would like to help write press releases, we could do with your help!

We can try for a “No shots from 4AM to 5 AM policy”?

One of the consequences of decriminalisation (per PPAU policy) is that it enables things like on-site drug testing for quality/purity etc. without the test operators falling foul of the law.

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Decriminalisation is perfect. This judiciary is nothing but outsourced revenge.

As for purity, hope it does not become law.

Natural impurities (dust), variation and complexity, almost to the order of compound herbals, kicks in multiple immune responses.

I don’t think we’re advocating any kind of direct control over things like purity of drugs in the black market.
Probably only for actually legalised drugs such as Cannabis would be given our way.
Even then, it’s more about quality, in the sense that it should actually be whatever purity the vendor claims it to be.

The availability of testing facilities just loosely extends quality control into the black market, on the basis that drug customers who have the means to establish the quality of their purchases will push back against poor quality.

No its about attempting to save lives by identifying drugs that are injurious - i.e. whilst they are from the black market, there is risk associated with them that could be mitigated with testing. That’s why I support legalisation but whilst they are not legal, then drug testing might avoid deaths as occurred at this event.

Effectively, decriminalization is a prerequisite to drug testing of black market drugs. The problem being, that possession is a requirement for testing. Even if you work around that, a testing station just becomes an easy place for cops to bust people for possession. Even if you work around that too, then the testers get busted for contributing…

Therefore, decriminalization is the policy.
Testing then becomes a straightforward service to provide.


this is why …

We can also campaign for Low Dose Naltrexone (10% Naltrexone). Ideally the Naltrexone should be 1% (0.01).

Thanks to whomever governor who agreed to the prior petition for Naltrexone.

But the true mark of governance may be also LDN and micro LDN.

What are you actually proposing that we would campaign for?
What thing would change?


Naltrexone is a scheduled ingredient that was petitioned and agreed by Medicare few years ago.

It’s a prescription product active ingredient given for the alcohol habit. Reports are that at that concentration there are machine operation safety concerns overnight.

LDN is Low Dose Naltrexone (10% concentration ) exists but is currently not prescribed in Australia.

Micro LDN is a 1% concentration that I hypothesize will get more uptake.

Both citing possibly safer driving ability during the course.

Of course all this is going to be prescribed by Medicare ( much like they do and subsidize the current Naltrexone ).

The campaign would involve convincing the medical establishment also much as the guys who introduced Naltrexone in Australia.

Naltrexone has a history of rehabilitating almost 200,000 in Finland.