Rupert Murdoch and News Corp

An astute article highlighting what I see as one of the biggest problems with our political landscape - the influence that Rupert Murdoch has on public perception and political decisions that follow.

I’m told that “the Australian” newspaper actually runs on a huge loss; it doesn’t make any money. And yet it continues to be published, because it provides Murdoch with another benefit - influence. Rupert’s far-right News Corp propaganda rags pose as real news and manipulate the less-informed - some times more blatantly than others. This has been a major factor in recent years in particular - the NBN, climate change, public perception of unions, in-fighting and backstabbing.

One guy on reddit put it quite nicely: “Quite of lot of Australians don’t really care and their only engagement with politics is walking past the newsagent and seeing out the corner of their eye the sandwich board out the front with the headline “kick this mob out” and a picture of some labor pollie dressed as a Nazi. That’s enough, that’s all it takes, that is propaganda in its most classic form.”

So, figured I should bring this up so we can have a discussion about it. Does anybody have any ideas as to what can reasonably be done to stem this old bastard’s meddling? I’m big on free speech, but when the democratic will of Australian citizens is being manipulated and subverted by a media organization something needs to be done. I’m thinking better media diversity laws are needed. Are there any Pirate policies addressing this?

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err … sort of

Yay for #ourABC

I’m all for supporting the ABC, but I don’t think that’s enough. Maybe if they had the resources to put out their own newspaper as competition to News Corp? Seems like an indirect way to deal with this problem, though.

Stronger regulations against concentration of media ownership will resolve this problem. Opposition to monopolies is a pro free market position which is echoed throughout our policies in the form of anti rent seeking protections.