Second "Designing Open Democracy" in Melbourne this week

If anyone here who are technically inclined on the more theoretical aspect of open democracy, and is in Melbourne this week, there is a meetup scheduled this thursday 6pm (19th of Jan). Facility is kindly hosted by the MiVote team located in 5 Hoddle St, Collingwood, Melbourne.

Questions to consider

There is some discussion that we should still consider by Andrew Downing (Pirate Party Councillor) as well as a more general organisational kind of question by Christian Tan in the thread below.

E.g. That current voting reform attempts should focus more on not just ‘fairer’ voting, but ‘thoughtful voting’ as well (via structuring how people deliberate on the choices of what to vote for).

Btw don’t pirate party have an office here as well? It would be nice to have a meetup with different groups each month if possible.

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Any chance of Skyping in to this?

You can try contacting the main organiser for this. There is skype capability there I’m pretty sure.

All under control.
I will be Skyping.