Selfie Video Volunteers

I am looking for people who are willing to read 2 or 3 lines of a script into their phone and send us the footage to be assembled into a coherent info bite about data retention and meta data that can be floated out on the internet in the hopes it gets some viral love.

I need people with a smartphone camera that is as good as or better than an iphone 5, so half decent lens recording at least 720p footage with audio recording that is not completely awful in a well lit, quiet area.

I want to have this entire project filmed spliced together and pushed out within a week so that we can strike whilst the iron is hot.

The entire thing will aim to be 3 minutes or less and it is intended to have a grassroots selfie feel without playing on the angle too hard.

I’m looking for people who can polish the script as well which I hope to have finalised by saturday night giving people time to do this filming on sunday and monday.

okay, lets hope I get at least 10 people who are willing to go on this adventure…

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I’m willing to help.

excellent, that’s one down :smiley:

If you’re not beyond using one of your own volunteers for this, I can donate my time to say a few lines and proof read some scripts.

I’m not going to be jolly rodgered by Brandis without trying to do something about it :slight_smile: