September Sydney Meetup

I agree with finding a new location. I’m not a fan of spending $8 on their bowl of chips, and can’t get over the fact they don’t serve mushrooms with their all-day breakfast.

No mushrooms in an all day breakfast? Well what on Earth do they call it then?

A disappointment.

Found a good contender, nice and close to Central.

At the timing this post, @Frew, @AndrewDowning, @MarkG and myself are still at Paragon in the renovated upstairs area. We’re yet to do our pub crawl for new venue.

The first place we went to that was alright was the Argyle. It was quite nice, lots of room, better than the Paragon, but could get crowded and drinks and food were pricey.

We tried the Dove and Olive, it was packed due to Grand Final, but its a bit too small. If more than 6 people show up to a meeting, they couldn’t fit in an area together.

We went a few doors further up the hill to the Shakespeare, which was great. Had an upstairs bar with plenty of space, lots of tall ship paintings on the walls and cheap drinks. My Gin and Tonic was $4.50.