September Sydney Meetup

The next Sydney meetup is due on Saturday September 30.

There has been a proposal to move them to Sundays in order to get them to coincide with Speakers Corner.

I have prior commitments on Sundays so would prefer to keep the meetings on Saturdays personally as I will miss some meetings. What is everyone’s thoughts?

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I’m of course in favor of moving it to Sundays as it gives something “extra” to do in addition to the general meeting itself.

I’m also willing to become the NSW coordinator, into the bargain, so its not just something I’m advocating that would only have impacts on others.

I understand you’d still be able to get to a meeting here and there? (Frew)

Another option would be to have Saturdays on even months and Sundays on odd months, but that could confuse people. Perhaps only mention even month Saturdays to newbies …

I’m in favor, but am also willing to go with the prevailing view if people really, really want to keep it the way it is.


Here’s a third option.

I do think @JohnAugust would be a great state coordinator, and he’s offering…

How about a bunch of us get together one Sunday at this Speakers Corner thing, entirely independent of the usual EOM meetup, and just generally sus out the whole deal?

We see what happens, then plan the future.

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Sundays would work out better for me, personally.

OK, Andrew - I’m in - at least you have the two of us, and hopefully more. Meet at the Paragon Hotel around noon, say, and try to get into the domain around 3pm?

Ok, everyone - confirmed with Andrew. Hopefully more people will join us :), but you’ll get at least us two at the Paragon at noon.

This Sunday coming (As in 2 days)? Specific date would be useful. We will need to promote it on social media as I don’t think the forum reaches a particularly wide audience.

We have the unfortunate predicament of changing the days at a time when it means holding the last Sunday of the month six days earlier than the last Saturday of the month which was our standard meeting schedule.

Yes, September 24th. I’m happy to go to the “regular” meet a week later as well, that was what Andrew was suggesting, I’m sorry if I did not make clear I was going with his idea. The timeframe was for something convenient to us, where we could “get it happening”.

Yes, social media would be a good thing, thanks for pointing that out. Keep in mind, though, this was more of “test” than a “proper thing”, though yes the more people for the test, the better, and promotion does not hurt.

Depending on the outcome, and depending on whether there were things we could meaningfully change for a second try, that would determine where we went from there. We could fix it in as a goer - either in addition to the regular meeting or as a replacement (tbd), try again with better leadup and promotion, or abandon it.

Your meetup for this Sat is still a go then. If you want write a mailout for NSW announcing it you can do so here and let me know:

But you’ll need to move fast.

I will have a go at that this morning. [Edit] Got the basics in there. Anything else?

How did the Sunday meetup go @AndrewDowning and @JohnAugust?

Was just John and me.

Started out at Paragon. It’s changed. Not sure we’re going to like the new Paragon for our meetups.

Speakers Corner is public free speech in action at its most basic. A group of around 25 people gathered for quite a wide range discussion about health services with a regular speaker. Other smaller groups sprouted, to discuss other topics. John gave a spiel on BI. I gave a run-down on PPAU marriage policy (to basically no criticism). Inevitably for a format like this, there are one or two people who are a bit out-there, but mostly harmless.

IMHO, don’t replace main meetup with this.
Keep the usual last Saturday meetup, but consider new venue.
We’re thinking to do Speakers Corner for a while separately on second Sunday each month. See if anything comes of it. It’s an interesting exercise in just public expression of Pirate policy. Good practice if nothing else.


We may need to have a pub craw… investigate new locations then. Say meet before 2 and we will be mobile from then on?

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A Pirate “pub craw” is always in order.

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I’ll defer to Andrew about keeping the regular Saturday meetup. However, I’ve realised that I do the Humanist Society of NSW meetings on the Second Sunday of each month. So, I’d suggest the third Sunday as the Speaker’s corner meetup.

I previously went to speaker’s corner sporadically anyway, and making it a regular thing for me would be good.

One venue to think about is the East Sydney Hotel, a no-pokies venue ( something I always like ), and closer to the domain than the Paragon :

But, also happy for there to be an investigation pub crawl of possible venues.

This Saturday, however, it is a busy day for me and I do not think I will be able to get to the regular Pirates meeting. But I am reaching out to other pirates over Sydney, we will see how that goes.

I also plan to edit and post some videos of what we have done already.

Arghh … all this stuff on Saturday. I think I might be able to get along after all, but if I can get a lift to Malabar afterwards rather than using my car, that would be better. Me with a backpack … chuck that in a car. I’ll check with Mark G, see what I can do …

Third Sunday of the month also works for me.

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Third Sunday every month also works for me too.

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OK - I’ll be there Saturday, perhaps a bit late, hopefully by 3pm, but certainly long enough to be a part of the discussion. I’ve arranged with @MarkG about transport. I’ll be with backpack and without car - but will do my best to be a part of the pub crawl.

Seems kinda bad for people coming by public transport. People from north of the harbour would have to change trains or walk from either Town Hall or Wynyard, and people from the south line, such as myself would have to walk from either Martin Place or Town Hall. The Paragon was good because of the public transport access with Wynyard, Circular Quay and Martin Place all being close as well as the ferries. That said, maybe the ambiance makes it worth while, I don’t know.

My preferred option would be The Lord Gladstone between Central and Redfern, it is much cheaper than the Paragon and close to public transport. I am mainly in favour of it due to cheapness. I am by no means attached to it as a venue, just had a beer there once and thought it was excellent for our purposes.

Well, we could always meet at the East Sydney Hotel before speakers corner, and somewhere else for the regular Saturday meetup.

It is going to be an effort getting to that part of Sydney for speaker’s corner, whatever you do. Keep in mind it is not that far from St. James station, and not much further than the domain, though you do have to change trains.

We can meet at different venues for the two meetups - I just thought it would be easier to just have one. You wouldn’t have to think as hard :wink: