Speakers Corner, Sundays in Sydney

(John August) #1

These things happen in Sydney on Sunday. I was discussing it with @AndrewDowning , with the idea of having the pub meetup on a Sunday rather than the Saturday, do some stuff at the pub and then go to speakers corner. We could listen to each other and also present our ideas out to the public. I’m thinking of putting together a video channel of my stuff - in the past it has been ad-hoc from others, but I’m starting to think maybe I could put something out there people would pay attention to.

Here’s some stuff I’ve done there in the past :

Coal and renewables :

The housing crisis :

At the end of a christian on natural selection :

A video list of others :

Current commentary :

Past archives :


September Sydney Meetup
(Andrew Downing) #2

Why do their highlights links only go up to 2015?
Is it still active?

(John August) #3

It is still active - look at the material in https://speakerscorner.org.au/ , there is material from September 2017. However, Mark who used to the videos could no longer be bothered. There were some views, but it never really became a thing and did not attract more people to speakers corner. He only ever saw it as something to increase its profile and attract more people in person, not to provide something for people permanently planted at home to look at.

I’d have a different agenda, however - if the Pirate speakers corner channel could become a thing, it would not be crucial that people turn up ( though nice, of course).

(Andrew Downing) #4

I like this idea a lot.

It gives purpose and presence to a monthly meetup.
It gives opportunity to express Pirate ideas in a public setting, where they will be challenged.
Pirates get public speaking experience.
Piratey camaraderie gains.
It should be entertaining.
Beer is still an option.

(miles_w) #5

Fantastic! But what would we talk about?

(Alex Jago) #6

Well, there’s always the video script(s), or blog posts, or whatever…

(Andrew Downing) #7

Errrr. Pirate politics?

(Frew) #8

Speakers Corner is more about learning to speak off the cuff rather than say a script. Notes would be good, but I think reading a script is frowned upon. Speaking off the cuff is a very useful skill.

I wouldn’t make as many Sunday meetings though as I have commitments pretty much every Sunday in Wollongong.

(John August) #9

Yes, you can speak from notes but speeches do not go down well.

Frew, sorry you would not be able to make it that often, but if you can get along to - say - one in four meetings, even just for the speakers’ event, I’ll make sure to lay out the red carpet for you.

(John August) #10

I have released some videos of yours truly, recent ones, have done some editing :

(John August) #11

Here’s Andrew Downing speaking on marriage :

In this one, Andrew is blurred and the background noise a bit worse. In my own one on BMI, I’m wearing a hat and you can’t see my face. So, I did not bother with it at this stage. Live and learn!