Social/Off-Topic category?

Is it worth adding a category for things which aren’t really related to the Party or politics, but which Pirates might still wish to discuss amongst themselves? I mean sure, there’s the General category, but there might be some value in keeping the truly “off-topic” things out of that.

Basically the equivalent of #ppausocial for this site.

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There is an off-topic section called ‘lounge’ once you’ve been around and contributed enough.

It stops the forum degenerating into off-topic only, and we don’t want people just discovering the party to be barraged with off-topic stuff as soon as they hit the discussion homepage. :smile:

I’ve changed the rules for lounge so it appears if you have trust level 2, which doesn’t take long to acquire. (Use the forum for about a week.)

Ah, I’m sure I’ll use it more after a few other things are dealt with. Also now that I have a nice dark them for it (though it could be streamlined a bit).