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Here is a transcription of those photos in a “typed” format:

I wanted to upload this as an SVG file…


Thanks thats great. If you send me as a pdf or ppt or vsg i can use as a part of final documents


A Typed up version of the second board:


  • Pirate SWARM
  • Coalition Member
  • Solver of problems
  • Implementer of solutions
  • Seats, Power — Multi-level
  • Front of mind
  • Gender, diversity
  • Broader appeal
  • Competent, professional
  • Engagement
  • Trusted ← principles, integrity
  • Impactful
  • Sets the standards of Global Pirate Movement


  • Policy
  • Differentiation
  • History & Community → Legacy
  • Values
  • Representation
  • Visionary → Thought Leader →
  • Hub
  • Choice → Not Just Influence
  • Democracy++
  • Principled
  • Evangelism

Hi, thanks for this. As far as the method of inquiry or sieve is concerned, I hereby propose an informal transliteration of any matter or thought with a +/- 10/100 year mindset. Another method is to consider the T-minus-percentile-completion of goals with usually four different teams, two with forward mindset ( based on present), two with minus mindset ( based on Goal in random future space/time ). Also the concept of money to be redefined as completely random data points, rather than money stuck ( hence a flat line ).

Hi, I hereby encourage, almost to the point of request as a requirement for Pirates to present a laptop to the computational grid, stating the term ‘netizen’.

Here is a simple coin that is actually based on good work:

There is no mining involved and the quality of excellent scientific projects computed surely counts for something.

Bitcoin on the other hand, makes all miners search through the entire solution space in parallel and in duplication, and is therefore not a responsible ‘distributor’ of effort. Almost assuring that those with more computational power will win and render large amounts of effort useless.

Here are some reads on Paul Grignon’s design of a simple commodity market. There is also an implementation:

For those interested, the methodology being used is a Kaplan & Norton Balanced Scorecard as a value framework and a strategic continuum / process of Mission, Vision, Values then using Values as proxies for Conceptual Objectives and the attaching high level metrics to these objectives.

This is a lightweight but compatible approach with most Balanced Scorecard strategy approaches and also supports having cascading metrics and cascading strategies when we get more sophisticated. It also enables us to readily use a Strategy Map

Which is a visualisation of the strategic thought and planning into something a bit like this:

Best practice is to create one for the whole organisation, but as we get used to using strategic planning start using the method more with smaller scale things, like a media strategy, recruitment strategy, diversity strategy etc. and each strategy showing their connection points to the parent whole of PPAU strategy.

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I’ve started work on this during spare time.

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it is happening…