Submission: AGD Telecommunications Sector Security Reforms [due 31 July 2015]

The Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) is conducting a consultation on its proposed reforms, which will be named the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 (Cth). An exposure draft, explanatory memorandum and other details are available here.

This legislation is an improvement upon the existing legislation, but is still not particularly great, as it retains what appears to be an effective ministerial Internet killswitch as well as granting more powers to the AGD Secretary. If you are able to contribute, please put any notes, contributions or suggestions here. This submission is due 31 July 2015.

“Australia’s governments, businesses and the broader community have increasing amounts of information that is stored electronically on and communicated across telecommunications networks and facilities”

Thats the problem right there, trying to solve a problem that they created with their data retention laws.

  1. Govenrment, business and the broader community should be discouraged from gathering information that isnt necessary.
  2. Implement a ‘right to be forgotten’ so people can choose to have data about them deleted (and therefore not vulnerable)
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Good point to make on the data retention laws; I hadn’t made that connection myself :smile:

I think both discouragement and a right to be forgotten or to have certain details ‘forgotten’ by government, businesses &c are great ideas for inclusion.

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“require C/CSPs to notify security agencies of key changes to networks
and management systems that could affect their ability to protect their

The legislation should also say something about notifying users (within x days) that their data may have been compromised if a breach does occur.