Sydney meetup

Hi guys.
I am asking if the sydney meetup @ paragon hotel is canceled or not, waiting with no sign of fellow pirates.

Did anyone show up? I got a free ticket to a play today, so couldn’t make it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @Pirate I’m really sorry what happened to you. Thanks for coming anyway.

We usually get a number of people turn up to this event.

We’re trying to get to the bottom of what happened today and why you couldn’t find anyone.

We’ll update this topic when we’ve got more info about this.


It definitely was not cancelled, but it was perhaps a matter of unfortunate luck that no one else attended this time around. I am a regular, but could not make it in yesterday due to family stuff. Overall, Sydney activity has dwindled in recent months, especially since it always has been an informal/casual thing, people have felt no obligation to attend unless something big impact-wise has been planned to action. We also currently don’t have an official state coordinator to “rally the troops”.

Though I’m feeling a want to apologise for the no-show incident to have occurred, we’re otherwise happy that you put forward interest and made commitment to attend nonetheless. It just sucks that it happened to be a day that no one else turned up for…

As a way of hoping this doesn’t happen again, what you can do is come to #ppau-nsw room on IRC, and check in the day before to see if anyone else is attending, though that in itself not surefire, as not all NSW/Sydney folk are there. Equally so, I suppose one of us could create a thread here to organise, akin to states and local community groups (eg Unis).

This is literally the purpose of the #local-crews section of the forum. Hop to it :slight_smile:


Hi @Pirate
As an update to this topic, we will not be going ahead with this unorganised/informal meetup being published on our calendar unless we find someone to run an RSVP or be a central point of contact. There are a number of Pirates who regularly meet up at that place and time, it’s just by chance that it happened that no one turned up that time. Really sorry for the inconvenience, please keep an eye out for future events.

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