Thanks for coming in today

One thing I’ve realised about this place is that when you’re working in a workplace there are leadership positions and non-leadership positions, and generally the leadership knows that every now and then they have to thank their staff. Maybe it’s a team building exercise or buying the team a round of coffee for achieving things.

In an organisation like this we’re kind of flat and self-organising to some degree. There are a bunch of people who put in a lot of effort and there’s really no one around to say “hey thanks for working your arse off”. In the end, if those people are in the leadership or, like Frew, are the President, there’s really no one to say “thanks” to them.

So I want to thank some people, but I also want to try and encourage us to say thanks to each other. It’s a small gesture but I think it really makes the difference. I think if we got into the habit of saying this to everyone who contributed, we could make this a much more fulfilling place to “work”. Anyway, on with the thanks (not in any order):

  • Frew - This is a thankless and tough task. You have to hold the ship together and sometimes people are just fuckheads. In these situations keeping your cool is massive and I think you’re doing great as President. Thanks
  • MarkG - There’s obviously all the work you do for the party and the PDC. I really appreciate the arguments you put forwards and all the work you’ve done for a bunch of our policies, especially the economic one. I also really appreciate the work we did together in the Cultural policy, which I’m still proud of today even though it’s far from perfect.
  • AndrewD - You introduced me to the party in Australia. I didn’t know they existed. Obviously, your leadership in the PDC has been great, and I really enjoyed working in it. Working together on the Cultural policy was great.
  • The NC - A lot of you guys have been here for a very long time and strong contributing members. The ship wouldn’t be sailing without you, and for the more recent pirates, it’s great to see you guys putting in so much effort. Also, WA pirates even existing is kind of amazing, and I really appreciate all the effort that goes into that.
  • The people I’ve met at the Paragon - When I was able to, and used to turn up to the Paragon for drinks. It was great to see everyone and I really appreciated the time everyone spent organising various things including election campaigns and what-not.
  • Mozart and Brendan - Honestly whilst I fully expected that they would take a back seat some day after their frankly prodigious efforts, I was disappointed to hear that they’d since left the party. Hopefully they will return some day. I will always remember the sheer force of will of Mozart churning out reams of submissions to the government. They’ve given a large part of their lives to this party and I really appreciate them for it.

Anyway because I haven’t done it before doubtless I’ve missed a bunch of people. I’ll try to show my appreciation more regularly.