This Month in AusPol: August 2017

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Paywalls, but essentially, a probationary period before people can apply before permanent residency.

Backbenchers are getting antsy…

I don’t have anything good or clever to say on this one.

Drug Law Reform voluntarily deregistered. RIP. Guess they ran out of puff.

Interesting article on the chilling effects experienced by students from Mainland China.

Ain’t no way this is going to go wrong…

This is really encouraging; usually lefties aren’t real keen on the whole codified rights thing at the moment. Muh ‘freeze peach’. I felt like they needed some positive reinforcement on that one, so I started a media release.

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There was some concern I saw that a Greens flavoured charter of rights will have some overreach. Don’t know whether that has any merit.

From July

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Lots of things I’ve surely missed, but above all it seems like there’s soon to be a voluntary postal plebiscite on same sex marriage.

As Pirates we of course support getting the government out of this whole marriage-regulating business altogether (“civil unions for everybody”), and we also have significant concerns about process and data-matching and the like. Don’t let anyone wedge you on that - we quite clearly believe that all (consenting, of age) couples should be treated equally under the law.

Some people will boycott and call for boycotts. Some people are working to head it off in the courts - that’s a reasonable approach. But assuming it goes ahead, given the fairly decent correlation between age, homophobia and postal vote completion, as far as I’m comcerned doing anything other than voting yes is letting the bigots win. Sometimes we have to fight a battle on our opponents’ terms.

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my bold. Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey


I feel like a fight

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