Treaty tabled on 9 February 2016 — Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

The Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (‘JSCOT’) is currently conducting an inquiry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Needless to say, this is one of the most significant and controversial international instruments negotiated by Australia.

This inquiry engages with almost all of our policies. The Pirate Party naturally intends to make a submission to the inquiry. If able to influence JSCOT’s, the Pirate Party and others could prevent the TPP from going ahead — as Alexander Downer himself admitted, ‘any government would need to think very carefully of the political consequences before it ignored a unanimous JSCOT recommendation.’

Submissions are due Friday, 11 March 2016. Details can be found here:

If you have notes, resources or anything else you would like to contribute, please put them here:

If you would like to discuss the direction or contents of the submission, you can do so here, drop into IRC for a chat (I’m usually about), or email me at

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