Verifiable online voting system

I just discovered this project. Looks really cool - an actually workable online voting system.

I just thought others might be interested too :slight_smile:

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There are problems:

Hardware serviceability will also be in question.
And OS serviceability.
And the requirement for on-site tech support.
And costs of spare hardware inventory.
And minutes ticking away for labour. Will voters be moved to another booth or wait for work to be done? Either way, the line will be held up.
And power bills for all the dozens of devices per site requiring AC power.

Not to forget all of the above will be required for hundreds/thousands of sites nationwide. Costs for all this alone will be diabolical. With last year’s census debacle having happened, online voting will be out of the question.

On scale of a national election, there’s too much liability. Too much can go wrong, far outweighing the pros. As much as I am a gadget geek and would like to see an electronic/online voting happen, I know that it won’t work.