Victorian elections

Greetings friends rum and countrymen,

I’m truly sorry if it’s illegal to hand hold how to vote cards, or third and fourth degree hints that it’s not OK or in or whatever.

I am a citizen and no idea who the candidates are and more so what the new procedure is after the ballot paper changes. See what I did there, made a joke about deadly seriousness.

I’m leaning left in state and right federal and assuming party is leaning left in state and left federal.

But in order to make ones vote and participation count, I would need a digital how to vote.

I hereby certify that the said how to vote card when provided by the elders in the community shall serve as request from community and not strong guidance from external party.

Please post even differing or pm.

Kind regards

Hi @Solo_Recluse

To my knowledge the Party will not be issuing a how-to-vote card for the Victorian state election, mostly because we’re not running in it.

I recommend that you review the ABC election guide which will tell you who the candidates/parties are for both your local district and upper house region. From there you should be able to find their websites and policies and can compare it to ours. If their policies aren’t obvious they probably aren’t any good anyway.

I believe that anyone who would pay attention to a Pirate how-to-vote is capable of making up their own mind.

I STRONGLY recommend that you vote ‘below the line’ in the Upper House. This is because Victoria still uses Group Ticket Voting - by voting ‘above the line’ you’re handing control of your preferences to the party, and they’ve pretty much all engaged in preferencing shenanigans.

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Checking one’s entitlement at the following:

Revealed region ( will vary per individual ).

“Western Metropolitan Region”


Funny story, I was going to go with:

“Western Victoria Region”

had I.

That opened the door to the entire group voting ticket in PDF form exactly as it should appear at the booth:

WesternMetropolitanRegion.pdf (617.2 KB)

So that’s the Council.

The assembly seems to be fat cat making ( have left the Civics book behind ):

Buzz all folks!

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