Welcome to our Discourse instance!

(Brendan Molloy) #1

Hey folks!

It took us a while, but I think we’ve finally found a system capable of handling our needs. Right now there are categories for general and policy discussion, a category specifically for handling questions, and obviously, an announcements category.

Ordinary members can’t make new topics in the announcements category, but you can reply to topics we create in there. :smile:

If you have any suggestions for additional categories or any other feedback, let us know in a reply.

Also, don’t forget to read the introductory private message in your inbox that explains how to do things!

Have fun! :smiley:

(Daniel Judge ) #3

Thanks Brendan! And thanks to yourself and the IT Workgroup folks for getting this up and running.

Looking good and looks like it should serve its purpose rather well. :slight_smile:

(Fletcher Boyd) #4

Agreed, thanks for the hard work IT :slight_smile:

(David Campbell) #5

Look great, works awesome on Android chrome so far as well :smiley:

(Joe Miles) #6

Very nice work! Weirdos like me can jump in at 2am now. Excellent :wink:

haha “Also, don’t forget to RTFM” - sage advice


The announcement email about this caught me by surprise to be honest as I thought we were still going to invest in our own reddit instance, but this seems better, due to the dynamic controls that are implemented based on user activity etc.

Nice, very nice.

(Fletcher Boyd) #8

Reddit isn’t very pleasant to host. …at all.


It was more in reference to its simplicity.

(Fletcher Boyd) #10

Oh no I understand, I was more providing a reason for the lack of reddit uptake.

(Steven) #11

Finally! I remember suggesting this on IRC but was shot down.

(Brendan Molloy) #12

A year ago this software was absolutely not ready to be considered for us by the Party for any purpose. It wasn’t even feature complete at that time.

As we can see now, it is quite feature complete. :slight_smile:

(Liam Pomfret) #13

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. =)

(Brendan Molloy) unpinned #14