Wentworth by-election

(miles_w) #1

Malcolm Turnbull’s seat is up for election on 20th October. In absence of running our own candidate, we should publicly announce a position and possibly endose a like minded candidate. A full list of candidates can be found here. My personal analysis for those candidates closest aligned to our platform are the Greens party candidate Dominic Wy Kanak and the Science Party candidate Andrea Leong.

Science party national platform

Greens Party NSW platform

In the coming weeks I will make a mation to the National Council that we hold a party wide referendum to formally endorse one of these two candidates (or neither!). Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?

(Andrew Downing) #2

If we want to partner with the Science Party, then it is a strategic advantage to endorse their candidate.

(miles_w) #3

That’s a good point and a debate we should be having. As a matter of National Council policy it’s up to the party to decide which of these two more closely aligns to our platform.

(John Wilson) #4

Miles, I would stay away from the Greens at all costs. They have a Self Destruct Button that I would steer clear of. They are political baggage not assets. I don’t know ANYTHING about the Science Party I am afraid.

(twisty) #5



(Andrew Downing) #6

We had meetings with them in Sydney and Queensland recently. They seem friendly, their policy positions seem compatible and they are open to some collaboration.

(John Wilson) #7

Good feedback Andrew. Appreciated.
Q: Where would I look to find out a bit more about them?

(Andrew Downing) #8

I’d start at their website: https://www.scienceparty.org.au

We met with the two Andrea’s in Sydney.
One is a nice lady who’s name is pronouncedly And-ree-uh and the other well bearded fellow pronounced And-ray-oo.

(Geoff Rogers) #9

Science Party was the only one I seriously considered joining other than Pirates. I know I’m new here, but they’d get my vote.

Greens have always had a tendency toward hippy-dippy pseudoscience that bothers me.

(John Wilson) #10

Geoff. I’ve now looked at the SP’s web page and agree, they are genuine and pursue pretty reasonable policy. The problem that I have with the Australian Greens is that they are so far wide of the mark from their true environmental base, that many of their great activist have become disillusioned. Thus I favor the Pirate Party being a real alternative to The Greens, and invite any disillusioned Green Activist to join the Pirate Party. In the year 2018 & beyond, it is the Pirate Party’s time to become a real political force. I am also new too Geoff.

(Alex Jago) #11

16 candidates running, including many similar to us. It’s going to be a real mess. (Edit for clarity: and as a result I’m quite happy that we’re not really involved in it.)

Two strong independents in Kerryn Phelps and Licia Heath. Phelps is generally regarded as the front-runner of the non-Lib/Lab/Greens, Heath has the endorsement of Clover Moore and Alex Greenwich. Both towards the very bottom of the ballot.

Be interesting to see how the Lib Dems go being right next to the Libs this time.