What other party has the most compatible Copyright policy?

Any suggestions on which other political party has the most compatible Copyright policy with the Pirate Party (or other policies for that matter)?

I’m not sure if the Greens have any written policies on it, but they’ve been closely aligned with us in what they have proposed and voted upon thanks to Scott Ludlam having a clue.

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For copyright it’s clearly these guys. The Greens and Secular party have a sense of the issue too. More parties will come into this space once the government starts pushing criminal penalties for infringement and the implications for digital rights become more obvious.


I’m not entirely sure we would want to align ourselves with the LDP, however, on some issues, though, I guess a certain old Arab proverb might be applicable. The major parties are hamstrung by the fact that they’re trying to woo the ignorant and uneducated on issues that are difficult to discuss and complex to understand. But definitely the Greens and other similar parties would likely have similar positions on this issue.

Does anyone have a specific reference for the Greens?

I had a look through their policy statements and they only have one very broad statement on patents, and one limited statement on copyright with the main reform “fair use” for educational purposes, which they introduced as a bill (which has lapsed).

The only actual policy reference’s I’ve seen so far are the Secular Party and the Liberal Democrats, both of whom have policies to reduce copyright duration and exempt private, non-commercial copying. The Lib Dems policy is the more detailed (MarkG has the link above).