Where can I meet you?

Dear colleagues,

I am a pirate of the Pirate Party of Germany.
In the course of my studies I consider 1-2 semesters to come to
Australia and would like to get to know you :slight_smile:
If I get the financial support I will be about 2021/2022 in Australia.
In which places in Australia can I meet you?
Some time ago I had already contacted the official account on Twitter.

I’m looking forward to an answer and will stay,

with many greetings from Germany
Pascal aka SilentNinja

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I study at the University of Sydney and would love to meetup if you end up studying in Sydney. Good to meet you and I wish you the best of luck in your future studies.

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Thanks for the information and the offer.
How much longer are you gonna be in Sydney?
I don’t think I’ll be able to do a semester abroad until 2022.

If pirate party members don’t have any official meetings, then you may find some of us in Designing Open Democracy meetups in Melbourne. There is some cross over between Pirate Party members and Designing Open Democracy members.

I’ll be happy to help try and keep a presence for pirate party members to meet up in the city. You can find any events we decide to host on: