Where can we apply for National Council and Officer positions before National Congress?

Where can we apply for National Council and Officer positions before National Congress? More importantly, what should we put in to apply?


There’s a predefined set of four questions to answer to make that process easy. Just copy and paste the template under the relevant heading and fill out the fields. :smile:

Hi Brendan,
just a quick question - I can attend online from Germany, but am I allowed to also vote as a member? Like online voting or is there someone who functions as a proxy?

Remote attendance has the exact same perks as physical attendance, except you do everything a physical person would do on IRC.

Basically it works like this:

We send out an email to those people who have RSVP’d as an online participant with instructions taking them to a specially made web page that has an IRC webchat iframe, a video stream and instructions for how the whole thing works that you can look at to remind yourself.

You get on IRC and verify yourself. Basically the Secretary asks who you are, you PM your details, and if it all checks our, you’re identified to the voting bot.

There are several “commands” you can direct to the person in change of the remote participants. Let’s say the remote participant management person is me, Brendan, and you wanted to add yourself to the speaking order to comment on something, you would say: “Brendan: COMMENT: I like what this proposal gets to.”. I would then introduce you, and state your comment on your behalf.

Perhaps you want to offer a motion, or an amendment. You would just say Brendan: AMENDMENT or Brendan: MOTION and what you wanted.

When a motion is being put however, the manager will set a motion on the bot and start the motion. Registered online participants respond “aye”, “nay” or “abstain” to the motion and it is recorded. The result is added to the count of those physically present, so it’s as if you are physically there. We are also patient with lag. :smile:

We are very flexible with our handling of the agenda so for instance an online person might need some time to write up their proposal to an item of business on an Etherpad, so we put that item on hold and move onto the next one while we wait on that person to complete their task.

We’ve done this for I think 4 years now, and we’ve had no issues and no complaints, except from people physically present who feel they are missing out on the online experience, hahaha.

Hope that answers your question. I should probably add something like this into a FAQ about Congresses.

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Thanks very much for the info. Yes, put this into the FAQ-Section and will try to participate.
Gosh you are further with participating online than here in Germany. Really cool, exciting, will look forward to this. :slight_smile:

I should clarify here that voting, both online and physically, is only open to Full Members, not Associate Members nor the public. One can only be a full member if they are enrolled to vote in Australian Federal elections.

I was able to vote via the australian council here in Frankfurt, i did this AEC process and voted pirate instead of Abbott… I have got the australian citizenship (located TAS), is that ok then?

Haha yes, I wasn’t necessarily referring to you, I was just stating that for posterity. :smiley: