Why Don't We Vote Online in Elections? - TLDR Explains

This is a good overview about why estonia is the only country to do online voting. TL;DR: Cybersecurity is hard.

However if you are going to do evoting, you can check how estonia addresses:

  • Voter anonymity : It is like absentee voting, in that you put your vote inside a voter declaration letter. So I am guessing that, you encrypt your vote then attach it to a database. Then it is sent via a network valve on vote count that only allows one vote per citizen though to the other side.
  • Voter buyoff : You can vote multiple time, but only the last vote counts

Still it would be nice if Pirate Party has a more active internal voting system. At the moment its mostly just voting very occasionally. Have you guys checked with NewVote and their app system and if it can apply to the pirate party?

It has a voting system called Polly. @AndrewDowning can give more info on this.

Are you challenging the frequency of occurrences of polls being conducted, or the system used? You’re using 2 different types of statements here.

@CAPT_Irrelevant thanks for the heads up. I’ll check up on Polly.

As for freqency of polling, it does feel like we do need a bit more internal polling. But spaced out over the year. But that’s something the team should discuss internally if it makes more sense to do so.

As for the system, the system is easy enough to use via email. But that’s mostly because its mostly for election time.

One thought on my head is that it would be good if we can extend polly or whatever current system we are using, into allowing members to directly submit ideas, and vote on their importance. Think of reddit and how it is often very useful in AskMeAnything session in sorting out community question priorities. It won’t replace the role of elected office position, but it would allow a more continuous feedback to the office bearer about whats on the general member base minds.

Right now, if it makes sense, what pirate party got now is mostly an indirect snapshot via elections and referendums, by the kind of people that gets elected.