2019 Election Preferences

As in previous years, the Party will be running a democratic preference process.

As per 2016 I expect we will list five other parties on our Senate HTVs, to match the ballot instructions to number six squares above the line.

As per our established practice, we’ll run at least one round of preference balloting - one for determining a default initial ranking, and a second round to ratify any deals. I don’t intend to entertain offers from anyone we rank lower than 10th.

All but 3 registered parties have received the following email. I will be collating responses in this thread:


Dear {name} -

Pirate Party Australia is dedicated to transparency and democracy. This includes how we will allocate our preference recommendations in the upcoming Federal election.

We intend to preference people who share our goals. Please peruse our policy platform at the link below. If our parties have common ground, please outline how we seek to advance the same objectives.

In late March, we will hold a ballot of our membership to rank all registered parties. This ranking will form the initial basis of our preference recommendations.

If your party is ranked highly, we are willing to discuss further preference arrangements with you, modifying the initial ranking. Any such arrangements will also be put to our membership for ratification.

All results and communication will be published on our website, so that all Australian voters can make an informed choice.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our policy platform: https://pirateparty.org.au/wiki/Platform

The 3 Uncontacted Parties
  • Australia First Party. Straight-up Nazis. At least the other bigots have a figleaf.
  • Labor. Their federal site has zero ways to email them. Prove me wrong please.
  • The Arts Party. They’re sitting 2019 out federally and focusing on state rego.

Thanks Alex for all your work!

Pity… I would have liked the satisfaction of putting them on the bottom of my list…

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Oh, we’ll include them in the voting like everyone else (and I hope that everyone WILL put them last) - I just couldn’t bring myself to communicate with them.

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oh ok, fair enough

The first response received was from the Western Australia Party:

We agree with your dedication to transparency and democracy.
Our party focus is to represent the best interests of Western Australia.

And they also offered to meet up to discuss our mutual interests in person. I’ve delegated this task to our WA candidates.

Next up is the Science Party:

The Pirates and Science tend to take a different angle, but ultimately have a similar idea of what a better society and a better economy look like.

We’re with you a lot of issues. Here’s the medium-length list of crossover from our federal policy platform:

  • Close the offshore detention centres. Engage honestly with the problem of forced migration and look for regional solutions to resettle people fleeing persecution.
  • Treaty or Treaties with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.
  • Repeal overbearing legislation enacted in the name of national security. We’ve made submissions to parliamentary inquiries (including on metadata retention, citizenship loss, and assistance & access) arguing that our government is generally too eager for control over communication, and that these bills are often rushed and threaten civil liberties. We’ve been discussing what an Australian Bill of Rights might look like.
  • We strongly support public education and public health care – a lack of cash shouldn’t mean someone gets substandard education or medical attention. Basic dental should be added to Medicare.
  • Decriminalise drug use and treat addiction as a health issue. Drugs should be better researched and more easily prescribed for medical use where the evidence supports it.
  • One thing we’d review and remove as far as plausible is welfare traps. We’re currently formalising our support for raising the rate of income support in line with expert recommendations and ending cashless welfare and robodebt.
  • Replace payroll tax, council rates and stamp duty with a broad-based land value tax. End the capital gains tax discount (replace the discount with indexation). We’re not opposed to sin taxes in principle, but think their rate should be set so as to cover their negative externalities.
  • Government must be secular and accountable. We support a federal anti-corruption body similar to the NSW ICAC, and for parties/candidates: no corporate donations, and real-time disclosure of donations over $1,000.
  • And of course we want to see greater support for scientific research, including doubling public funding for research and development.
  • FTTP for business, healthcare, education and personal connectedness.
  • Investment in rail infrastructure, including an east coast high-speed line.
  • Introduce a carbon price and protect biodiversity.
  • Improve animal welfare standards.

Our ideals are formalised as 12 core principles, and our policies aim to further those principles: https://www.scienceparty.org.au/principles

Thanks for getting in touch. The Science Party has always done how-to-vote cards wherever it’s had federal candidates in the past, and we base those on candidates’ values and policies.

I suggest we should reach out to the Reason Party and the Liberal Democrats. PP is more aligned with the former, however the latter would also be preferable as we align on some key principles.

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Welcome @Efstratios -

Yes, Reason and LDP have been contacted last week. Additionally @miles_w has been in contact with people from both those parties for several years now.

Online Direct Democracy have responded:

[We] have always admired the ideals of PP – and as much as ODD or CAIAAP would love your endorsement but truth is as for policies – we have no policies and only one goal, to use the internet, to improve democracy by giving people the ability to endorse the party’s position (this implies that policies must be well considered, robust and explained to the public). Maybe what a modern day Australian Democrats might be like.

So really don’t fit the normal party format

Sustainable Australia have responded:

We’re in the NSW election right now and don’t have time to properly do this, but there is significant common ground in the following areas:

5 Democracy
6 Economic reform
8 Environment
9 Health
10 Law and order

Probably others too, but these really stand out!

The Western Australia Party offered a meetup and a chat, which we delegated to @Clive_Myers.

They’re effectively a single-issue party at the moment, that issue being a higher share of GST for WA.

We don’t seem to have any real objections to each other.

The Australian Workers Party responded with the following:

Thanks for the email.

Likewise, we shall be looking at all the other minor parties to see who aligns with our philosophies.

Best wishes for the Federal election.

I had a look over their policies, and we have a decent amount of common ground. In particular they support a Job Guarantee but not a Basic Income.