All ID photos to be entered into a national facial recognition database

Hypothetically, just how draconian would shit have to get before you joined a militia group?


Hypothetically … no comment.

Actually, there’s no point in joining a militia, that just makes you a more obvious target. Instead, I recommend reading Alongside Night by J. Neil Schulman, there’s more likely to be more adaptable ideas in that to what you’d want. Though it is more libertarian right than the libertarian left of Pirates. The agora in that novel is one of the inspirations for the Silk Road before it was crushed by the state.

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I thought that the supply of this data from State to Federal authorities was already happening since forever.

IIRC it used to take a week to do it because they had to query the state department, now they’ll have the ID photos in a separate database that’ll be on hand.



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Seriously, I would not mind this sort of thing if the penalties for misuse of the data were themselves draconian, and the bar to making a complaint sufficiently low. (In interests of balance the penalties for false accusation could be pretty nasty too.)

In my own little utopia any complaint of misuse would lock the entire database to all agencies (not only the one facing accusation) only to be released by court action. And of course in the interim the potential offenders’ id would be advertised to all parties and this advertisement only rescinded upon proof of innocence. Yes, mine is a particularly nasty dream - I don’t expect it will come to anything, though.

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Principle of least privilege and general data compartmentalisation are generally considered good things to abide by. In this case, keeping ID photos separated between different states is a feature, not a bug. The system should be difficult to abuse by design rather than attempting to rely solely on penalties for when it happens.

There are less extreme ways to make one’s displeasure known. Consider trawling through the details of the list of frivolous political parties for ideas. There’s got to be something of worth in there somewhere.


Okay, clearly I don’t know my memes. The dude in the bottom right reminds me a little of Reinhard Gehlen, but it isn’t him and I’ve got no idea where the image in the middle comes from. So explain to those of us who pay more attention to the political culture than the pop culture what these references are, please.

Given one of the links at the bottom of that page is to the list of Pirate Parties, I’d say we’re already there.

Malcolm Turnbull
Pius Thicknesse
Joseph Goebbels


Ah, I got bored of Harry Potter after reading the sixth one. At the time my housemate wasdoing her thesis on slash fic and I had more than my fill of the Potterverse from that time. Though there was some amusement, mainly from things like Harry Frotter and the Chamber of Secretions.

Heh. Well, Gehlen was a peer of Goebbels, just a slightly more long-lived one. Gehlen’s post-war work with what became the BND was more interesting, though and the other one I paid a little more attention to was Otto Skorzeny. The way Skorzeny managed to defend the only thing the Allies could charge him with during the Dachau Trials was pure gold (he was charged with wearing the uniform of the Allied forces, specifically USArmy uniforms and his response wastheAllies did exactly the same thing).

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reverse image search

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Middle guy is from Harry Potter lol.