Australian Government Surveillance dystopia together - supertopic

We got 3 things (so far) starting to come together all at the same time:

This is an overarching topic tie these things together in a co-ordinated way

i.e. State transport systems are collecting everything about you, fed into a central database run by the Federal government, then ready for abuse or misidentification where any innocent person could be locked up for weeks on end without even as much as a charge against them.

I think the topic should have the words “government and surveillance”

We already have:
1 Militarised police force
2 Full spectrum electronic spying on the people,
3 Draconian terrorist legislation.
4 No human rights or civil liberty protection
5 Total subserviance to the International banksters
6 Foreign military bases on Australian soil
7 A US foreign policy
8 A Goldman Sachs prime minister


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Which makes his work on the Spycatcher case and defending Peter Wright in the '80s so ironic.

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Oh damn this just got a whole lot worse

We need a PR on this, pronto, can I please get some help on this?

Focus on BUY: We know just how much the “cash-strapped” coalition is going to resist this! Federal version of “poles & wires”?

Any image sold by any entity - large or small - other than the subject themselves constitutes theft. Have the federal government no respect for anti-piracy laws? Oh! Different rules apply for the “born to rule.”

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VicRoads have started the process, previous they were not doing any facial recognition

“We know we can improve data quality for registration, transfers and renewals, which leads to downstream benefits for our other stakeholders across industry.”

If you fail to opt out within the three-month deadline, the government will automatically create the record for you — and it will be kept for 130 years.

The information will also be made available to researchers and it can be used by the Tax Office and police or health insurers if requested by a court.

Surprise! warrantless metadata has been accessed illegally

I’m not against this but it might be a clue as to what they are up to with Biometrics