Brendan at Greens Reboot conference on internet surveillance

Look, it’s me! :smile:


You can clearly articulate an argument. (Give up all hope of ever becoming Attorney General! Sorry!)

Heh, I re-read your response several times and reinterpreted in several ways, all of them hilarious. :smile:

Just watched it then. Fantastic work! The party is in good hands :smiley:

Did you get a good response from the crowd? I used to be a member of the Greens but recently left to join this party - lot of them got annoyed at me because of it :confused:

Nice talk, Brendan. Enjoyed watching it.

Glad you’ve mentioned Malte Spitz. His TED talk was an eyeopener for me back in 2012. Here is reporter from SMH, Ben Grubb, trying to make the same experiment in Au. My bet, Telstra would not release the same “35,830 lines of code — a detailed, nearly minute-by-minute account of half a year of his life” … Will see.

Also, wanted to share - Bruce Schneier has just finished his new book about data retention "Data and Goliath”. It would be available in Feb-March