Call for volunteers

The Design Team creates promotional materials for the Party, ranging from How To Vote cards to website banners.

The IEC provides a response to efforts to undermine the security of the Internet and weaken core web standards. Members will prepare documentation and responses to reports and proposals from organisations such as the W3C and IETF on behalf of the Party, and will assist the Party in understanding the impact of developments within Internet standards organisations and other international organisations such as the ITU. A strong technical background is a must.

The Policy Development Committee researches and drafts new policies, reviews policy proposals from individuals, and prepares submissions on government proposals and discussion papers. Members should have a good understanding of Party policies and the laws and practices that impact them.

The Press Team’s primary responsiblity is writing press releases. Members should have excellent writing and communication skills and be prepared to respond quickly to breaking news events, whether during the day or late at night. Members are expected to advise of their availability.

The Programming Team develops software and tools that promote participatory democratic principles and assists in the operation of the Party. All software produced by the group is open source.

The Social Media Team oversees the Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Members will respond to public enquiries, moderate discussions, and post updates on Party events and policies.

None of the above teams have particularly onerous requirements. Some have regular meetings, others don’t. Most don’t require more than attending regular meetings and making contributions via email.

If you’re interested, contact us in any way you feel comfortable with. Officers and group members are frequently available to answer questions in our chatroom, or you can email the officers directly for more info.

If you have any questions, please do ask.

I’m willing/able to spend some time looking at a couple of those (is there a register of PPAU programming projects?)

Project-wise the group has been dormant for quite a bit. I need to draft a few specs for things we need so programmers can just pick up and go and get some stuff done.

If you’d be willing to help me with that, that’d be an excellent start. :smile:

Maybe we should do that under the ppau github org (start a project with a wiki or something)?

Well that’d be cart before horse. I need someone to talk through the things we might want to do, prioritise them and spec them out.

Let’s discuss it here :smile:.

Sure. Let me know what I have to do. As long as it’s within reason it shouldn’t be a problem. I have a range of skills that could be used. Best to get in touch with me privately to see what I can do for the party.

Is there a way to see active and upcoming projects/tasks easier? A consolidated view would be great. I noticed in one of the wiki it said something like:

There are no timelines for any project. The group will determine its own timelines for any projects undertaken.

That was largely the purpose behind the introduction of the Todo category by @Fletcher. Any projects should be added to that.

The currently active projects that I’m aware of are all under that category.

I’m also interested in the Programming team, interested in the possible projects, willing to help get the ball rolling.