Concept: Single page comic summary of current Pirate Party policy for this election season

Instead of Dank Memes…

Focus on a single good quality visual policy summary that gets straight to the point about what you guys are trying to sell. From there, you would structure various advertisements or campaign to get people to go to this single policy document (via embedded QR codes or minified URL) that is digestible for the ordinary citizen (But has links to the full policy document for those who are more interested)

Here is an example of a great use of comic to convey quickly important information:

This when combined with later on a plea for a musum for telsa in: . It actually succeeded in raising enough funds for the Tesla museum.

Some potential enhancement to this single policy summary comic:

  • Each comic section has a reference link to the policy in the wiki
  • Each comic section has an anchor so people can jump to the relevant section.
    • A set of business card could illustrate a specific point in the policy, with a minified link that jumps to the relevant section of this comic. A business card format is an effective way to have people pick up a particular point they are passionate about.
  • For fairness sake it is important to show what parties (including all minor parties) stances on each policy via a hover over button. (e.g. like xkcd alt-text)
  • Maybe we can encourage other parties to do the same, and have a web ring of policies summaries?
  • Could maybe use memes, but it must not be cringy and stick to one topic, and point people to a minified url.
  • Could have another comic, which would illustrate a summary on how the democratic system of developing the policy works in the pirate party. (And how the preferencing is also done democratically).

Method of getting this done:

  • Contract the author the oatmeal on a commission for this?
  • Any volunteers with good art skills? (But really… you should pay for this one)
  • Pay some artist to do the job? Then pay some HTML guy to make the page smarter with proper linking…

I like this idea. Here’s something that’s admittedly not a comic, but hopefully in a similar spirit and follows on from this evening’s election meeting on IRC:

Anyone care to riff off that?

(I know the spacing is frightful…)

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Yours could be a good way to promote the existence of the comic strip, but I do like how it is clear and direct to the point. However you want to have a set of images, which illustrate a single point of each of your policy. Each with a url that jumps to the corresponding section of the comic.

Plus having a single policy per ad, would allow you to work out which policy is more appealing to voters and adjust your advertising funding to focus on any ads that works best. (e.g. via using minified urls that allows for some statistics )

By the way the comic must also include a bit of humor to encourage people to read, don’t be afraid to copy/inspired the style of the oatmeal (But do credit his style if you do) in .

p.s. Does server know what anchor you jumped to? e.g. would it know you jumped to #section1

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Put it in the meme’s topic instead: Pirate Party memes

In the flux party discussion forum located in he pointed out these comics:

I agree with his assessment, since I also remember the “Cannot waste your vote” comic quite well. It was shared quite a bit in the last election.

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Here’s some, um, let’s call it “late night concept art”:

(Personal critique: too much dialogue, not enough comic. It’d be better presented as a series of frames, which I’m not really sure how best to lay out, but then we could have the pirate pointing to a robot at the appropriate time, and the guy in the tie pointing at a stoner on a brown share house couch when he says “bludgers”, and so forth.)


Here is the short and sweet TLDr taken a little further graphically.