How does one get more involved?

Hey guys,
Joined last month before my wedding as i wanted to try and make this country a better place and am just curious as to where do i start?
I live in Parramatta, which in my experience has always been quite a safe Labor spot, and i actually have had many discussions with the member for Parramatta (Julie Owens).
So i guess i’m just asking, how do i get more involved?

Cheers :smile:

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List of roles we need filled are here:

Many of our active members camp in IRC:

It isn’t monitored closely, but a lot of our real-time discussion happens there. If you hang out and are active, you will get roped into various tasks soon enough.

We also have monthly meetings at the Paragon Hotel in Circular Quay, they are on the last Saturday of each month at 12pm, held upstairs. There are two NSW specific mailing lists which can be joined here: