It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD

The biggest thing this affair has uncovered so far is Donald Trump paying off a porn star.


And thats a good thing, because Porn Stars and all the working class, have been under payed since the beginning of Time.
But on a more serious note, thanks for bringing this link to the members of the Pirate Party Australia, who may have not had the time or interest to follow this saga.

We need to put to one side any opinion of Trump and focus what this has been about.

Big Money and their Media, have spent 2 years creating a story, that makes Gobbles look like an amateur. This show of Power has been impressive, and has resulted in imprinting a view on the minds of millions of well intentioned people, who now believe this view, and continue to believe it.

Max Taibbi, The Duran, Redacted Tonight and Jimmy Dore Show, are all from the left side of politics, and apose Trumps caracter and actions, yet, they pursued the Truth, and have denounces Russia Gate from the beginning

Theres no ifs ands or butts, this was a Conspiracy, to mould public opinion, and not just depose one bad actor, but to install a different, bad actor. And the idea of Democracy was never in the race.

The last time it happened on this scale, it ended with WII.

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well, that’s an whole other discussion and certain nothing to do with treason…

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What are you talking about?

There were clear findings that Russia interfered, it just hasn’t been shown that there was collusion between Russia and Trump’s team. And as part of the investigation, it showed that half of Trump’s senior campaign team were criminals, with many having high-level criminal contacts in Russia.

Iraq actually didn’t have WMDs, and everything about the claims that they did have them was a lie, based on fabricated evidence.

At its minimum, the impact of Mueller’s investigation is that several people who were in or near the President’s administration are now, or soon will be, in jail.

David Crafti. I suggest you go & learn how to read pal. The Mueller Report cleared President Trump without qualification. The Mueller Report WILL NOT and IS NOT taking ANY ACTION against Trump nor ANYONE in his team. The Mueller Report DID NOT find nor show that ANY of Trump’s Team were criminals and having high level Russian collaborations.

You are reading from the corrupt DNC Playbook pal. Which was proven to be all lies.

I don’t care what you think of Trump, but FFS stop inventing shit. Fantasy. Lies. You are dreaming pal.


Keep in mind that (a) the DoJ has a policy of not indicting sitting Presidents (b) the report hasn’t been released yet and almost all of what we know about it has been filtered through AG Barr, who is Trump’s man.


Seriously, what Alex said.

Wow, I’m surprised there are such aggro, “read exactly the lines and nothing between them” Trump supporters on a Pirate Party forum. Is the affinity because we oppose the major parties and John is a general denialist or something?

Hmmm, not exactly right, AG Barr is not anyones man and its wrong to cast an insult like that, without the facts to support it.
There are no clear findings that Russia interfered in the election. to say that they did, you would need to state what they did with evidence showing result and effect it had on the election

Trump may be a Clown without Makeup, but the American people voted for him and that is that. As the alternative was a Clinton, they really had no other choice.

You are fucken dreaming Alex.

This point you’ve raised has no foundation whatsoever. It is a CNN screen grab that you are repeating.

Right now, there is huge momentum building to appoint another Special Counsel to investigate HOW the Russiagate Fiasco was started in the first place. Over the past 72 hours President Trump and many of his allies are openly using the term TREASON!

Adam Schiff (Congress), John Brennen (ex CIA), Andrew McCabe (ex FBI), James Comey (ex FBI) as well as Barrack Obama - all are going to be caught up in the biggest scandal in USA Political History.

My bet is that all of these criminals are going to be indicted and possibly face the death penalty - including former President Barrack Obama.

Now I’ve had people laugh at me all my life and it gives great pleasure in ramming their own words back down their chicken necks when matters roll out as I have assessed. Thus I’m prepared for everyone to have a laugh at my expense now and indeed I will laugh along with all and sundry - at my expense.

But be warned, I’ve got good insights and multiple contacts of the highest order inside of the USA, and I am fully briefed on what is unfolding.

Please Alex do not take my tone as being hostile toward you. I love you like a brother from another mother. But be advised, what has been done to President Trump is TREASON. I expect that several of the Deep State Actors mentioned above - including former President Barack Obama will be tried in a military court and then executed thereafter,

Laugh away everyone!

Listen David.

You are an intellectual pygmy pal.

I am not even going to engage you.

Last point everyone from me and then I’ll shut up ok. Look, I have no love or affiliation to President Trump. I AM NOT a Trump Groupie.

But I have been working and collaborating with several thousand USA Patriots for 4 years now - long before Trump stood for election - let alone after he was elected.

My loyalty and my faith is with the American people - not President Trump. I am a man of the people. A man who loves my fellow man and loves Patriots even more. Now Trump is THEIR GUY - got it - THEIR GUY.

Over 100 million USA Patriots - who are all heavily armed. I am NOT going to pick a fight nor an argument with them. It is totally against my values to undermine and slag the people of another country - any country - if they have genuinely elected their own representives and support the same. What right do I have to interfere, undermine, slag off at, belittle etc etc.

I suggest we all - as Australian Patriots - deal with our own political garbage and traitors - and let the Americans deal with their own shit.

Over & Out.

Thanks to all.

What the actual fuck? How did this guy get on the National Council?

Ok, I’m holding onto my membership until he gets reelected. If that happens, I’m following many of the other early crew and bailing out.


Ok Snowflake.

Melt away.

@John_Wilson we don’t do ad-hominems here.

Also keep in mind that @dcrafti was our first elected party president - please maintain some awareness of the history of this organisation and the perspectives that we represent.

Ok Alex. I understand the point you have raised with me. Like I said, I love you like a brother from another mother.

But I reject the ad hominem charge. My statement were nothing more than robust discussion.

Now, if EVER my position is challenged again with threats of resignations soas to shut down my rights to speak freely by this former officer of the party then all bets are off.

How dare he attack me and belittle me by questioning my existence on the National Council. This is disgraceful conduct.

My crime is and always will be - is to be a straight talker.

I’m trying to save officers of the PPAU from making a grave mistake in making the assumptions that are being made about President Trump. I am astounded that the lies and propaganda from the Lying Mainstreet Media are being accepted in this forum. I am gob smacked!

For 2 years the corrupt DNC, FBI, Dept of Justice, Mainstreet Media have NOT been accusing President Trump of 'Collusion" - the charge being leveled was TREASON! Punishable by a death sentence. Now if anyone thinks that President Trump or ANY President is going to weather corrupt allegations of Treason - without any blowback, then simply you are an astounding fool.

Watch Alexander Downer - Former Foreign Affairs Minister + other Australia political figures. They are also tied in to these corrupt lying charges (read 5 Eyes Intelligence).

The young pups in the Pirate Party NEED my input. You may not know it, but yes you do. The Party needs my experience to value add to it’s efforts. You can thank me later.

That’s an ad-hominem in any books.


I have said all that I am going to say. I stand by every word. Period.

What books you read is your private affairs.

Hi David,

Was this question for me or Laura

That was for Laura. Your comment seemed to be a joke. No problem with that.

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