It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD

(David Crafti) #21

John, it’s not a “threat” to quit; it’s merely that if the party decides that your rambling, conspiracy theory laden rants about the politics of another country are what we should be focusing on, and that it’s not just an anomaly that you’ve been elected, then that’s a sign to me that the party has lost its way, and I don’t want to be associated with it.

It’s possible to have a civil, evidence-driven discussion about truth, media corruption, transparency, etc., and how it might apply to this whole Trump story, but that approach seems to be outside your wheelhouse, from what I have seen here.

(John Wilson) #22

David. If you ever use the CIA 1960’s invented phrase Conspiracy Theory on me again, then I’m taking you on ok.

In so far as calling my contribution a rambling rant - well you are just in over your head lad.

It is clear that you are taken and have accepted in whole - the full blown basket of propaganda spewed out by the Lamestreet Media.

You really are not that bright. I suggest you see your way clear and get some real facts under your belt. What you choose to do in the future is your call - so be it. But I’m not going anywhere pal. Got it.


(David Crafti) #23

Taking me on? What does that mean?

(John Wilson) #24

I promised Alex that I would treat you with kid gloves. You know, be gentle to you.

But if you keep insulting me, then I will have no choice but to get in your face with some real education.

Does this answer?

(David Crafti) #25

So, how are you not a conspiracy theorist? Your whole, public facebook feed is conspiracy theories and threats against anyone who calls out your conspiracy theorism.

(John Wilson) #26

I stand by every word pal.


The culprit that I took on in this post was bullying and abusing the women within the YV Group. He was also pm’s me calling me a pedo.

So I smashed the flick. Again, if you keep using this CIA invented terminology of Conspiracy Theory then I will have to take the time & effort to get some real education into you. It will be hard work for me because it is so obvious that you are so far behind.

(David Crafti) #27

Yep, you’re totally a conspiracy theorist. I’m looking forward to this education you’re offering.

(John Wilson) #28

Also David, to get back to Trump. It is the MSM who are the Conspiracy Theorist. For 2 years they peddled this crap and lies about ‘Russian Collusion’. It was proven to be ALL lies!

So why are you not calling out the MSM.

Are you one of their paid shills? Or are you truly not aware?

Now if you truly want to know more about my research then I’m open to laying it all out for you & I to have a frank discussion. I see my role here in the PPAU to help pass on my experience and knowledge - for the good of the party.

So, what do you reckon? Are you up for it? I will even be open to offer you a discussion aboard my vessel (tied up at Kangaroo Pt) over a couple of beers.


(David Crafti) #29

Being in a remote area on your boat, alone with you. I politely decline.

So, tell me about your non-crazy ideas about how I could be a paid shill of the mainstream media.

(John Wilson) #30

Now you are just being silly lad. Miles has been aboard my vessel and I have enjoyed his intellect and his company.

Come on pal. Put down your MSM defenses and have an honest and open discussion - face to face.

I promise I will be gentle and civil with you.

(David Crafti) #31

Fine, you pay for the flights.

(John Wilson) #32

From where pal?

How far are you coming from?

(David Crafti) #33

San Francisco, California. The land of the evil CIA.

(John Wilson) #34

Ok pal. Now you are just being a silly wanker.

Come on. Give me your flight location & I’ll see if I can book at flight for you.

I’m a multi millionaire pal. It’s peanuts for me.


(John Wilson) #35

I’m deadly serious.

I want you and the PPAU to be FULLY informed.

I love this Party.

(David Crafti) #36

Question time, so I can understand how my mind has been manipulated by the mainstream media:

  1. Does vaccination generally work to prevent preventable disease?
  2. Are current models of human-caused global warming generally accurate?
  3. Is the UN trying to cull a large proportion of the world’s population?
  4. a. How many people control most of the world?
  5. b. Do they share any cultural or religious origins? If so, which ones?
  6. Do mobile phone towers or wind turbines cause any health issues?
  7. What’s the purpose of fluoride in water?
  8. Have any prominently reported shootings been staged? If so, which ones?
(David Crafti) #37

I live in San Francisco. It’s why I’m not on the national council with you, having rewarding, intellectual conversations.

(John Wilson) #38

That’s a pity pal. Oh well. Next time we can catch up ok.

(John Wilson) #39

Is this to me David.

If so, you give me your thoughts and I’ll do my best to give you mine ok.

(David Crafti) #40

Yes, the questions were to you. They’re generally yes/no, or with short answers, and keyed with numbers, so we have a reference point.
My answers, as misguided as you might see me are:

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. No
  4. a. I don’t know
  5. b. n/a
  6. No
  7. To replace minerals lost from teeth, so they last longer
  8. No

Let’s see where we agree and where we differ.