KAFTA to require changes to the Copyright Act

You know I’m a bit pissed off if I write a blog post.


The gem from the “National Interest Analysis”:

Consistent with Australia’s existing obligations in the Australia-US and Australia-Singapore FTAs, and to fully implement its obligations under KAFTA, the Copyright Act 1968 will require amendment in due course to provide a legal incentive for online service providers to cooperate with copyright owners in preventing infringement due to the High Court’s decision in Roadshow Films Pty Ltd v iiNet Ltd, which found that ISPs are not liable for authorising the infringements of subscribers.

They want to overturn a court ruling using dodgy international instruments instead of having the battle in Parliament. These assholes never stop.

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Just adding that we (ie me) are working on a submission on KAFTA, due this Friday. If you want to help out with the writing, please see Submission: Korea-Australia FTA submission