National Congress 2018

National Congress 2018

You’re invited!

The National Congress is where we formally propose and debate new policies and constitutional amendments, hear nominations for Party Officials, and meet Pirates from around Australia.

It is held annually and is the paramount decision making body of Pirate Party Australia.

The National Congress will be held in Brisbane this year. If you’re in Brisbane, please attend in person. Otherwise, you can participate online!


Saturday 7th July and Sunday 8th July


Events Space
Level 19, 127 Creek St
Brisbane QLD 4000

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As a PDC member, I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the Policy proposals page.

We’ve got 3 items finalised. A fourth (Marriage Policy update) is in the final-approval stage and will be up next week.

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There will be no Constitutional amendments this year. The deadline for those is a full month out, and none were put forward.

We’ve had what feels like quite a busy couple of years with Constitutional amendments, so it’ll be nice to take a break there. Next year there’ll be plenty though, as we clean up the position descriptions section (after last year’s changes have taken effect).

The Marriage Policy Update is now finalised. It is the last of the PDC-developed proposals for this year.

You can see all current proposed motions here:

If you have your own policy that you’d like to put to the membership, you can still do that! Just email it to the Secretary, preferably at least 10 days before Congress so we can allow time for it in the agenda. However, it would be better still if you email it to the PDC and make a post here first, so we can discuss it before Congress too (and hopefully make it the best proposal it can be).

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Payment processor link not working for signup from mobile device at least.

How to vote still required.

Payment processor link not working for signup from mobile device at least.

More details, please: In the Eventbrite page, or have you clicked through to the PPAU donation page? If it’s Eventbrite that’s not working for you, feel free to just select the $0 ticket option and make a donation separately.

How to vote still required.

I’m not sure what you’re asking for. The closest we come to a how-to-vote at Congress is if the NC recommends a constitutional amendment be adopted (we don’t have any this year) or if the PDC recommends a policy be adopted (that’s all 4).

Edit: oh, right. Everyone gets emailed a link next week for the online voting system. Congress acts as a gate before that though - it has to pass both on the day and in the full member vote.

General reminder to those of us who are nominating to get those posted up :slight_smile:

Hi folks, if you are sailing in from outside Brisbane we have locals who can provide guidance with transport and accommodation. Send myself or Alex a PM or email

If you need a pickup from the airport let us know :slight_smile:

Congress pre-drinks tonight are at the Ship Inn on Southbank from 7pm. Follow Twitter @ppau_brisbane for updates

Won’t be able to make those pre-drinks this year I’m afraid. Got to finish off some work tonight so I can actually have the weekend free. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

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I unfortunately cannot attend this year at all, not even remotely, as I will be busy with Winterfest.


Here is this year’s Treasurer’s report. Unfortunately I can’t get there in person to present it. But here it is for anyone interested. Happy to discuss any time during Congress.

PPAU Treasurer’s report FY 2018.pdf (91.4 KB)


Mark, are you able to present it remotely via Skype, mumble etc?

Folks, like every year we are running short on nominations extremely close to the deadline. If you have considered running in the past, are on the fence, an old member who has found some energy or one of the silent supporters who is ready to do more, please consider applying: no experience necessary, only agreement with our principles and platforms!

The nominations page is here:


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Thank you to everyone who attended in person or remotely! Council voting will commence shortly.

Has voting commenced? Will there be a reminder email? I had and old email address linked to my account until today so haven’t seen anything yet.

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Voting is only for the four Policy Motions (as there were no Constitutional Amendments, not were there any Formal Motions, and what positions were contested were filled unopposed) and will commence when our wonderful IT Team have the time to make it happen. Hopefully soon.

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