Pirate Party memes

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Cap’n Jack Sux


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@alexjago Curious to get your thoughts on this. There seems to be a push against strong encryption happening from the government, would some sort of campaign around that and ‘trust’ as a concept be worth pursuing?
e.g. Trust the math, What would you trust with your data? Government (example of gov data breach), a private company (e.g. Yahoo, Equifax) or strong maths?

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I don’t get it …

edit: although the tag has a ring to it, “The Sane Libertarians”.

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It’s a piracy of a common meme that (mostly American but some new LDP followers or ancaps) libertarians use. Tho not this exact one.


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I can get behind Noam Chomsky.

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Thanks for the Art.

I don’t like it. Not for socmed anyway. Too busy and it took me too long to figure it out.


  • Make all the Party signets the same size … ish.
  • Get rid of the crosses. Clutter.
  • The humans don’t work for me.

But, what do I know …

Never met him.

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He’s the one who the phrase “self hating jew” was originally coined for due to his criticism of Israeli policies and their relationship with the United States. He is a long time writer, academic and political activist. Some of his political positions opposition to the Vietnam War as well as the Wars on Terror and Drugs, critic of propaganda style mass media, radical proponent of free speech and supporting the Occupy Movement.

He aligns with libertarian socialism and has been a political influence on me for a long time.


The scale/data points seem a bit off but I like the concept

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any guidance on the data points (by which i presume u mean positions)?
I understand many parties occupy regions but i didnt want to distort the logos in this one so i agree some are not the whole story. Its like a first approximation. But where is it way off?

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I’d move the Nazi and Soviet logos both a bit to the right from where they sit. I reckon the Liberal and National Parties are more authoritarian than the ALP, and the Greens would be slightly more libertarian on that axis. They are good on civil liberties issues, except the racial discrimination act and media laws. They don’t support concentration camps or the erosion of civil liberties through terrorism laws. Both issues are why I would put the Libs and Nats to the authoritarian side of Labor.

Pirate Party maybe a fraction to the left, because some of us are fans of Chomsky over George.

I don’t really get the poverty and progress labels though.

All of that said, near enough. It’s not like it would be official advertising material anyway.