Pirate Party memes

(Alex Jago) #102

Vote for whoever you f*cking like

I’d use that online but not on paper, people drag their kids along to the booth and it’d be backlash bait.

(Tim Serong) #103

There’s no point writing it as “f*cking”. If you want to say “fucking”, just say it and say it with pride :wink:

(Alex Jago) #104

Credit to MorpheusB for initial idea:

(twisty) #105

An idea kicked around in irc. Thanks to all contributors.


(twisty) #107

Originally by PollyPirate …

edit: update image

(twisty) #108

Because I felt like some colour …


i did one in colour too twisty

(twisty) #110

Yeah, but you only use … 1, 2, 3 colours. I used …all of them :grin:




(Alex Jago) #113

I made this with Vine in mind – it’s 6 seconds long.


(Daniel Judge ) #114

lol at the vine. I approve (needs a 2nd though)
it will need the auth text on it still (chuck it on the bottom in small font i guess - and so long as it is visible untilthe last frame)

yeah video’s fall in that guideline :frowning:

Subsection 328(1A) A person must not produce, publish or distribute or cause, permit or authorise to be produced, published or distributed an electoral video recording unless the name and address of the person who authorised the video recording appears at the end of it.

(Daniel Judge ) #115

The “We dont want to be Pirates, We need to be!” i like the message, but i find the text on this one to be too illegible/busy/unreadable.


I see what was done here.

I approve too.

(Alex Jago) #117

Today in feedback:

Try to make your ads/videos not look like they were made in Powerpoint using system default looking fonts? Try to differentiate your ads so they don’t look pretty much identical from a glance (scrolled through your facebook and they all looked pretty much identical) unfortunately images of slabs of text with the only image being your logo won’t jump out to the general internet user.
I know your idea is “Too Long Didn’t Read” but the casual internet user who just uses facebook and looks at funny videos on YouTube there is a high chance they don’t even know what TLDR means. Those people are probably not who you intended to be your audience for the ads but they probably need to be if you ever want to be elected.



Final version with authorised by and all copyright compliance, can be used:

(Glenn) #120

Just a slogan, but …
Responsibility before Obedience

(Alex Jago) #121

A few variants on this:

and one for Facebook banners (also tweaked slightly):