Pirate Party memes

I noticed somewhere that Pirate Party memes would be good to have for the upcoming election. So, I’ve been playing around a bit, particularly with slogans. Whadaya think of these? Have you got one better?

  • All Pirates get a vote, a fair go (share?), and a say.
  • Pirates today attack ideas, not people.
  • Pirates today use science, not swords.
  • Pirates share. Look it up.
  • Pirates today welcome women aboard.
  • Pirates today are a sea-grassroots party.
  • Pirates today practice liquid democracy.
  • Pirates pay all the crew. Equally.
  • Pirates defend their liberties. Fiercely.
  • Pirates don’t follow dickheads.
  • Stack decks, not branches. #votepirate
  • You have every right to be wrong.
  • Be calm, we’ve got this. #votepirate
  • Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate.
  • “Who ya gunna call”? #votepirate (not “ghostbusters”)
  • #dontpray #votepirate

Note: these images are not authorised for distribution by the Pirate Party, and are therefore not official promotional materials. Future images should have large red ‘DRAFT’ text emblazoned over them where practical.

As much as the whole thing is meant to be comical, I’d omit the last suggestion, as it might not sit well with some members and some public masses, especially as it could be seen as a breach of one of our own core policies.

We don’t practice liquid democracy unfortunately, because it is a pretty awesome pun.

If anyone is interested, start a thread on why, probably shouldn’t hijack this one.

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I don’t see an edit option for my OP.

Not so much a hijack but a brief diversion. Why don’t we practice liquid democracy?

No biggy. My suggestion was more to just not consider it further for implementation.

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The major parties loot and pillage with abandon - for honesty and transparency #votepirate

What do you think of these? I have a few more but I can only make 3 posts of one image each because I’m new. How long until those restrictions end?


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@adam I like the label maker font thing. Particularly I like “Good Governance. No Joke”.

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“protect the reef, save our treasure”


“poop on the deck, not as government policy”

“Freedom, Accountability and Transparency walk into a bar. Make it the parliamentary bar”

Something like that? (yeah, I stole the label maker font idea. thanks @adam)


These are looking great! :smiley: Just a reminder that ‘DRAFT’ should be somewhere prominent on these until they’re approved by the National Council. This is so we don’t fall foul of any electoral advertising laws.

To comply with electoral advertising laws, before publication or distribution all … draft materials should have large red “DRAFT” text emblazoned over it where practical.


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Who do I ask to edit my OP to reflect this?

I’d just edit the images and reupload them.

I can’t see any edit option for my OP. I can still edit my “save our treasure” so I suspect the system only allows editing for a specific time. I could easily be missing something. But, I’m good with a tractor …

No pencil icon at the bottom of your post?

Nope. First thing I looked for.

I would classify these more as posters than memes (although all information transmission is fundamentally memetic). They look good, communicate a message. But not self replicating.

A meme by definition has a self replication mechanism - something that triggers the viewer to share / copy / imitate the meme across many communication channels to other potential hosts.

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