Usable sharable social media materials (authorised)

coming from the “memes thread” here Pirate Party memes

We figured we should make a single thread where we put the authorised ones ready for people to take, use and share.

This will be posters, flyers, image macros, meme images, whatever else we have and make that have been officially “authorised”

Please keep in mind in an election campaign stuff that can be construed as swaying peoples vote needs to have the “authorised by…” line on it if it is coming from a political party such as ourselves. Within PPAU our authorisation process is two NC members must sign off on something.

Anyway, i’ll put new rounds of images etc as they are released into new posts below.

Also for general info.

Our party platform is here:
This shorter subdomain link (more easily rememberable) also works and redirects to the above:

Candidates are here: (still needs to be fully updated)

Some info on election generally is here:
(How to Votes will end up there as well as other locations)

Donate page is here:

A new pozible is coming (will add link here when in launches which should be tonight or tomorrow)

And Etsy merch store is here:
(we also have a redbubble and other such stores, but try direct people to etsy)



Someone needs to say it: cringey misused memes are not conducive to the pirate party being taken more seriously. Please don’t post anything that isn’t original content, you’ll alienate our existing audience and your target audience will think we’re more of a joke than ever.

Pepe? Overly attached girlfriend? Confused penguin? Really? I almost want to abandon ship to avoid being associated with this.


Anybody checked Reddit today? I’m not sure this is a good idea

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I like the “we are not the joke party” line, but I feel some of the more ‘dank’ memes might be sending the wrong message.

Also, can I suggest changing “good governance. No joke.” to “good governance is no joke.”, I think that it flows a little better.

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Yeah, there are a few images that don’t work for me. Perhaps a bit of a cull is in order.

If you don’t try, you don’t know.

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Ok, due to negative feedback most of these images have been removed from this thread.

I’m open to suggestions for others as to what worked and what didn’t and will gladly take that on board. A bit of participation from party members in these matters is golden so by all means contribute.

It may have helped if I’d been a but more explicit and clear in my own thinking regarding some of the iffier ones in that if members wanted something to share in their own communities and so on they could draw from the above and see what flies.

You’ll note that very few of these, especially the ones that have been accused of being more immature were tweeted or used in our formal social media accounts. Rather Frew, myself and a few others were tweeting selected things from our own accounts and seeing how they worked or didn’t work.

Were these to be the entirety of a new campaign direction going forward, certainly not. It was some ideas to try out, with the intent that this thread would grow with new things as they were created and added. It just happened that these were the ones that happened to be created first.

So anyway, feel free to debate away.

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Some of the images carried decent messages. However, I certainly think it would appear much more legitimate if they were made more professionally, and not in meme form. The materials on this page should be serious.

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you got more interest and discussion than you ever had before… marketing 101…

I quite liked the “It’s not us who are the joke party” ones, but I don’t think they send the right message. I presume we weren’t trying to be a joke party in previous elections.
Clarification up front would have been a big help.
As @edeity says though, it’s generated some discussion, and any publicity is good publicity.
Edit: deleting the post never works, and can make the matter worse. The internet has a long memory and archive sites are a thing.

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It should be followed up next day by a serious hard hitting policy brief.

Then day after… another bad meme…


It’s worth noting that the images have been removed from this thread because they’re no longer endorsed by the party. We can’t un-endorse them and not delete them here. However, they’re still in the brainstorming thread where they belong.

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well. I shared the now rare pepe pirate meme and as of writing over 20k people saw it. I’d link it but it’s no longer endorsed and I don’t want to threadpoop.

so in one way, you reached quite far :slight_smile:

thank 4 the rare pepe PPAU


That’s fair, but could be a tough sell. In hindsight maybe they could have been vetted by members before being released to a public forum if they are going to be authorised officially.
And now we’re back to the “members only” forum debate.

Considering the basically universally negative reaction towards it on the reddit thread, I feel like this whole situation may have done a decent bit of damage to the Pirate Party image, at least with the group of r/australia browsers. Certainly now there are plenty of people out there who associate the Pirate Party with misused memes instead of anything else. It’s a shame because that demographic is on average closer to the Pirate Party’s positions compared to the population at large, and could have been more conducive to eventually supporting the party to some degree. Oh well.

It was not universally negative arrghghghghghghghghghg its so far the best publicity ive seen for the pirate party besides its the announcement it was going to be forming in australia. People are talking and arguing about it.

People in america are talking about it. All from ONE POST. You can get on mainstream media with this, and get asked about our use of memes - that would be massive.

Dont quit while your winning.


Any suggestion of better memes by the public is highly appreciated.

Here’s a bunch of policy based banners usable for things such as in tweets where we may share a news article about something that we can relate back to our platform. eg:

Adding an image should help make such a tweet stand out more. Ideally such tweets will link to either a news article or to a specific section of our platform. Or both. Use as you see fit. Feel free to suggest new ones/new lines of text etc for new such banners, but preferably do so in this thread here: Pirate Party memes

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