Pirate Party memes

(Alex Jago) #82

For reference: some of the competition.


The difference is that this ALP meme page is run by random supporters of the party and is not officially branded or endorsed. If you want to produce memes for the Pirate Party I don’t see a problem with that, but the minute something that immature becomes “official” content people will stop taking us seriously.

(Josh Kelly) #84

Alex, I just want to throw something out there with the “we are not the joke party” picures. I love the idea behind them so far but I feel the text behind them is too choppy, I think it would flow better if we had one sentence up top pointing out our premise, and the below explaining our conclusion. For example:
Top: "Malcolm Turnbull is convinced that an ‘innovation economy’ involves gutting CSIRO and crippling the NBN"
Bottom: “We are not the joke party in this election.”

some other suggestions for setups:
“Michaelia cash thinks $4 an hour internships will benefit young workers”
“George Brandis believes that $15,000 is a reasonable price for a bookcase”
“Barnaby Joyce…” (I liked that one)

I checked out that alp meme page, some of those weren’t half bad. Hopefully we get big enough that people start doing stuff like that for us too

(idcrisis) #85

“Patchwork and all else”

“Reno Slogan”

“We’re just talk”

(Mofosyne) #86

Have you guys considered adding a minified url to a quick visual rundown of your policies to each of your posters (QR code)?

Here is an example of a great use of comic to convey quickly important information: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/tesla

This when combined with later on a plea for a musum for telsa in: http://theoatmeal.com/blog/tesla_museum . Actually succeeded in raising enough funds for the Tesla museum.

Memes is all good. But you must have substance and be able to communicate the core part of what you want to promote effectively. And a comic as shown above to convey policy information is a good visual medium to perform such action.

Heck you could probably implement a mascot or something through that as well. So try not to make dank memes too much… and instead focus on making poster images that encourages people to read PP policies.

Though we need some way to also communicate to those who don’t use internet as much… so there should be another version of the above, but modified for paper medium. (E.g. pamphlet… or maybe as a set of business sized cards, where each card is a particular policy point, which would be useful in a info booth)


Yeah, this is more like what we need. Information conveyed in a short, concise way that potential voters can understand. Comic strips are a perfect medium for that; Throw in a bit of humor to make it worth reading, steer clear of the memes and unoriginal content, and suddenly you’ve got a half decent advertising campaign.

Concept: Single page comic summary of current Pirate Party policy for this election season
(Mofosyne) #88

I wonder if the concept of a policy infographic/webcomic should be a separate topic. If you think so, can you make another post on it @Jawzper ?

So anyhow… maybe a good campaign would be all about having every single poster and advertising material go to this single policy comic? You could use html anchors to jump to specific section of the policy comic, if the reader came from a advertisement on a specific policy point.

tl;dr: As a redditor, I suggest you guys to just drop the idea of dank memes, and focus on a single good quality visual policy summary that gets straight to the point about what you guys are trying to sell. From there, you would structure various advertisements or campaign to get people to go to this single policy document that is digestible for the ordinary citizen (But has links to the full policy document for those who are more interested)

(twisty) #89

“Lots of unions are investing heavily in social media strategy, but we’ve taken dankness and totally doubled down on it,” said George Simon, national strategy and communications director for the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU).

Just saying …

(Mofosyne) #90

All the more reason to avoid this approach… and to consider the other approach I mentioned in the post above in Pirate Party memes

(posty) #91

I find the internet community at large gets very possessive of memes that were generated for fun that get used for commercial OR political purposes. at all.

that said…

oh hey whats this

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Why? Because it works for one of the largest unions in Australia?

Concept: Single page comic summary of current Pirate Party policy for this election season

The difference is that they know how to pull if off without it being Cringefest 2016.


Not a meme, but a simple to the point no frills How to vote card that can easily be printed off by anyone at home and shared around:
https://db.tt/yQNtdMgG (PDF)
https://db.tt/LMr5EJCt (ODT)

(if this was approved - or something similar like the comic idea - I would literally buy some recycled paper and use up all the spare ink toner I have and put this in everyone’s letterbox in town)

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Playing with TLDR … many thanks to others for the ideas I … borrowed :slight_smile:

(twisty) #96

Ok, this one to encourage activity while I learn Gimp.

(Daniel Judge ) #97

Here’s a bunch of policy based banners usable for things such as in tweets where we may share a news article about something that we can relate back to our platform. eg: https://twitter.com/piratepartyau/status/734566918317821953

Adding an image should help make such a tweet stand out more. Ideally such tweets will link to either a news article or to a specific section of our platform. Or both. Use as you see fit. Feel free to suggest new ones/new lines of text etc for new such banners anywhere below.

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Still playing with TLDR …

(twisty) #99

Something different …

(Frew) #100

Do we really want to say preference all of the boxes above the line? I won’t be voting past the majors because all the mad Christians and racists/ fascists are awful and knowing who to put where is a crap shoot.

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