Pirate Party memes

(Daniel Judge ) #62

Sam said in IRC: [11:08:47] People who know nothing think the name is a joke, our marketing should turn that around so they understand that we think the establishment is a joke and our name reflects that

which sent me thinking down this path.

still some debate about what works and what doesn’t, if anyone wants to play there is a photoshop file here:

(Alex Jago) #63

Alex’s variation:

(Daniel Judge ) #64

yeah cool, :slight_smile:

I’ll declare my approval for that variation Alex :slight_smile:
Once Frew or another NC person does same, chuck the authorisation line on it and we can start using it

(Frew) #65

I approve.

That said, I think these need to be tested through twitter before the final versions are approved, I posted the penguin one on my own account for a test post and the top and bottom of the image were cut off. I think Twitter works better with landscape formatting.

(twisty) #66

Size is a bit tricky. I found using a 16:9 image best. Social media has a mix of image sizes so I think 16:9 is a good compromise. I’ve been creating on a 1024576 canvas then re-sizing to 320180 to reduce animated gif size. hope that helps.

(Alex Jago) #67

It appears to have cropped the image to square-ish on Twitter. The original was square.

Authorised for distribution, but need aspect-ratio testing:
(I will edit and update this post if required). Also can someone with older eyes please check legibility of the authorisation text (not necessarily findability on first glance, just legibility once found).

edit1: bumped up auth text a font size
edit2: Brandis pic displays OK. I now believe it crops the height to be no more than the horizontal width.

(Daniel Judge ) #68

auth text is readable and ok enough for these, but in future maybe bump it up another font size and make it a bit less grey? It should by rights be a little bit more legible than it is.

Edit: Awesome Alex. A bit more comfy with that font size :slight_smile:

(Daniel Judge ) #69


(Alex Jago) #70

Didn’t watch that Q&A, but I feel the $6K toaster thing was taken waaay out of context. Business grade gear is much more expensive (and capable) than consumer crap, we should all get over it.

(twisty) #71

final edit submission for final approval.

(Isaac Pursehouse) #72

I think we should change the ship one to “keep these bastards” rather than “the bastards” as people on facebook are getting stuck on that it was the Democrats slogan and surprisingly few of them are aware that the democrats aren’t around any more so they think we just stole the line.

(Alex Jago) #73

Here you go, then.




I just came to post the same link. These memes are ultra cringy.

(twisty) #76

Another offering.


reddit comments - copping reactions to use of memes, “unprofessionalism” and critique in way memes are used.

But what you are getting: upvotes, impressions, discussion. 211 upvotes… thats a lot of like for /r/australia

This is good.

(Alex Jago) #78


Is it really? It makes us look like children. It’s already hard enough to get people to read our policies because of our pirate branding. Memes are poor branding tools. I can’t think of a single company that has successfully used memes to bolster their influence. It’s always worked the other way around - (e.g. Old Spice /w “I’m on a horse”) - otherwise it goes bust. Hijacking culture like this doesn’t bode well because you’re either pissing off the people that cultivated the meme, or confusing the crap out of everyone else who doesn’t get it.

Being trashed by /r/Australia means we’re out of touch. They’re already pretty biased toward the left and we can’t even win them over.

(Frew) #80

I started a thread to debate the pros and cons of our publicity strategy for the election here: Election Publicity Strategy Debate

Can re-purpose this thread for further meme production as intended. :slight_smile:

(Frew) #81

This is one that I made for personal distribution last election, thoughts? Can redo it if any changes are suggested.