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[quote=“Isaac, post:39, topic:742, full:true”]People who are aware of their online footprint tend to understand why data collection isn’t in their best interest.
How do you make a meme to explain it to people who; 1) don’t realise they leave traceable footprints online, and 2) don’t know what a meme is?[/quote]

It’s near-impossible to make memes universally identifiable. Some out there are highly adaptable between social groups and demographics, but otherwise the outreach of effectiveness is going to be limited, kinda what edeity is alluding to.

Explaining memes to the unaware masses is like having to explain a pun that no one got, after the joke has already been told, as they are in the same category as situational/observational/“you had to be there” jokes. The unaware may eventually become aware, but the humour effect of that immediate joke will be devalued severely to the point that it can lose credibility as a joke. To minimise on this, it’d be required for the unaware to do self-research, but that requires proactive effort which could be a waste as there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to appreciate it at the level required for its power of effectiveness to be sustained.

The best that can be done with “outreach” is best effort, but don’t overdo it. Avoid obscurity where possible.

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This is kinda the point I was making. That too much emphasis was being put on what was and what wasn’t a meme, rather than getting the message to the audience.

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I’m one of the unaware masses and my definition of a meme is, at best. vague. I’m still happy and I started this thread as a mug punter. What I am interested in is what images get attention on social media. Whatever category those images may fit. My experience is, almost anything with a picture gets a second look. Anything that moves gets a third look.

I’m trying to make a simple animated gif to get a simple message across. It’s been years since I played with this stuff so I’ve spent a bit of time re-learning. This is what I’ve been up to lately …

edit: I updated the image. I think this one is better.

It’s a community announcement. 640360 gif 423KB (not anymore), **Now 320180 163KB.**

I know. Not a “meme”.

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As seen on Facebook:


Chill - its a good gif. No one is being meme police EXCEPT that as THE Party for internet people, we should be able to field some decent memes.



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That last one is gold.



Im doing them all as Adobe Illustrator vector graphics, so they will scale to any size.





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Can we use this somehow? It looks a lot like Mal. Is it Mal? Or just a good likeness?

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…and while I’m thinking of it, if anyone wants a CC0 image of a completely useless gate for a metaphor… https://ourobengr.com/2015/01/useless-gate-memeware/


I like the useless gates idea - but need some better images… those are not clearly impactful


(Alex Jago) #58

I’m loving that “get a Senate with a clue” slogan.
Here’s something a little more general.

(Frew) #59

Here is a gate image and a meme I cooked up ages ago with the image.

I am happy to approve all of them except ‘the horror’ one and the Jedi one for now. I don’t think enough people would get that the copyright amendment [online infringement] bill is website blocking, maybe ‘Government approves blocking of pirate sites’. The Jedi one would be better with a line like ‘keep senate data anonymous’. Fix that up and I will be happy to support those too. You will need one more NC member to sign off on them before they can be put up and shared officially.

Once approved, they will need the auth line, which is “Authorised by D.Judge, Pirate Party Australia, 65 Burg Street, East Maitland NSW 2323 Australia”

(Daniel Judge ) #60

These are awesome.

Ok, so the images below. Add “Authorised by D.Judge, Pirate Party Australia, 65 Burg Street, East Maitland NSW 2323 Australia” and we are good to go, it needs to be legible, but can be small. Put it wherever you think fits best for the image.

(happy with the madmax one as is, but should we add a #votepirate or something about the senate in the white space? up to you)

This boat people one i was a but iffy on, but yeah go for it. If it makes people ask “what about them” then it give us an opening to start a dialog. :slight_smile:

Then these ones below, some edits before approval:

(i know this one wasnt submitted as-is but yeah, i’d like to see this one reworked somehow to something usable by us)

I like the Jedi one, but i’ll concur with Frew’s suggested change of “keep census data anonymous”
(i assume you meant “census” Frew) :wink:

and yeah,

let’s re-look at that one, though i like the general idea

(Alex Jago) #61

Authorised and ready to share: